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Cook islands | 0 Comments 02 April 2006 - Last Update 03 May 2006

Kia Orana!

We are now some 26 hours flying (Boeing 747) away from our bubbles in Europe, and we are now touring around the North Island of New Zealand. Being so close to all that tropical and sub tropical stuff, we are taking a break from Ao Tea Roa (again: New Zealand) we are heading to Rarotonga (Cook Islands) on the 22nd of April. We will leave our car and HEAVY backpacks behind to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the Cook Islands. We will stay there for 10 days. We'll be back in Auckland the 2nd of May. 
To be continued.





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03 May 2006 | Cook islands | Last Update 03 December 2010

  • In Rarotonga, you're never far from waving palms.
  • Local arts & craft.
  • questo foto e' per tutti i miei amici italiano. Se
  • Punanga nui market


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