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Cook islands | 0 Comments 03 May 2006 - Last Update 04 May 2006

Kia orana again.

Rarotonga is a divers and snorkeller's paradise, it seems. Of course, we are not talking about the Great Barrier or the Red Sea, and as we are no divers (planned for later this year Egypt), we certainly enjoyed the colourful marine life of the inner lagoon. We went snorkelling about every second day, in the afternoon, where the visibility is superb. The most common underwater friend we had was the Picasso Triggerfish ( Rhinecanthus Aculeatus, i wanted to impress you ...), they are everywhere. Other species include goatfish, the beautiful Moorish Idol, butterflyfish, trumpetfish, flutemouth, Unicorn and Sea Bream.
The coral within the reef is mainly dead, which of course makes it sometimes hard to find certain species but in the waters of Rarotonga, there is always something new hiding around the next corner.
Best snorkelling beaches are Aro'a and Muri.





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03 May 2006 | Cook islands | Last Update 03 December 2010

  • Bananatree safeguarding our accommodation unit.
  • the Cook Islands, it's really "away from it all".
  • If you are a Hibiscus lover, Rarotonga is the perf


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