Hong Kong



Hong Kong - the sequel

12 May 2006 | Last Update 12 May 2006

Hello all! Four days we've spent in HK, the overall experience was great. People that like superlatives should certainly spend some time in Hong Kong or shoppers, because in this city, you'll find everyting. However, be aware of imitations! Hong Kong has some really big and great shopping malls and ...

Hong Kong - Asia's world city

08 May 2006 | Last Update 08 May 2006

Hello everybody! Two days we've spent already here in this world class city and yes, Hong Kong is not only the metropolis of skyscrapers, tramways, the star ferry and where East collides with West, Hong Kong is an experience. It's hard to define all of that in just one story. Wish I could upload my ...

General (35)

14 May 2006 | Last Update 03 December 2010

  • Big Buddha;
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