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Hi there travellers

I was so at the different places u have seen. Well my family only go as far as our bach at the beach and well i suppose thats gud enuff for us. U's look thats all happy and safe travelling looking forward to seeing ur new adventures.

Posted on 07 July 2008
katleen, Mike and Quinn


We wish you a very nice trip, take te most out of it!  Nice memories make life more beautiful

A hug from us and our little boy

Posted on 16 February 2008

Heya fellow travellers and ex-housemates! I hope you had a nice flight yesterday. I had a very long bus trip, but I finally got here!! London at last....And now I am in the middle of job&flat hunting, lost in a maze of information. Cheers and have fun! Oh and you should have my email: condra.15 at gmail dot com.

Posted on 15 February 2008
A fan of yours

when will be the next one?

great writhing skills, this should be your job!

let us know

Posted on 28 November 2007
didi kaoka Can't wait for more reading material Posted on 22 October 2007
Seth I can not immagine life without an airport
Posted on 15 August 2007
Wieteke Dankje wel voor de leuke artikels. Net een reismagazine. Veel tallent!

x Posted on 16 July 2007
K. Batatu I wish I could have a happy life, travelling the world. Just like you guys.
K. Batatu, 
21 years
from Nigeria Posted on 22 June 2007

Most people have no purpose in life. But I know you do.



Posted on 05 April 2007

I envy you. It is a crime to have such a wonderful life!

Posted on 28 March 2007


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