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Hello everybody!

Two days we've spent already here in this world class city and yes, Hong Kong is not only the metropolis of skyscrapers, tramways, the star ferry and where East collides with West, Hong Kong is an experience.

It's hard to define all of that in just one story. Wish I could upload my pictures now, but that'll be for my next Little India visit in Singapore. We were very lucky yesterday when we were strolling down Causeway Bay as we saw some Buddha celebrations and a big passage on Hennessy Road. 

When we took our cab from the Holiday Inn Atrium in Singapore, we had a chat with the friendly guy chauffeuring us to Singapore Changi airport and he told us that Hong Kong and Singapore are some of the most advanced cities in the world... well, that moment, we knew that that Singapore ideology was true, we were about to discover the one for Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, a lot of public places and shopping malls are so overly clean, you can virtually eat from the ground. Most of the people run around with headsets for iPod, mobiles and laptops. I think personally a lot has changed since Hong Kong suffered from SARS (2003) spitting e.g. is now forbidden and if you're caught, a hefty fine is waiting for you. 

Every important road has its own alleys with typical Asian shops where potential shoppers can buy everything, really everything.
Yesterdayevening we were in Kowloon, taking some shots from Victoria harbour and the world's most dramatic skyline ( as seen from Avenue of the Stars). No city (and together we've seen some of the biggest in the world), can compete with Hong Kong after dusk.
Right, I could go on for a while, but it's time to dip in our swimming pool. We are staying in the Metropark hotel, Causeway bay. Recommended, even if your standard is the Grand Hyatt and Shangri-La. Of course, we haven't seen The Peninsula yet here.

Actually, those interested in coming to Hong Kong, here are some golden rules:
- Buy a descent guidebook, forget Lonely Planet, it's not accurate
- Extend your credit card limit
- try to local trams in Hong Kong Island, cheap and good
have a great week
pictures will be uploaded later, we have to make our selection first...
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