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Hello all!

Four days we've spent in HK, the overall experience was great. People that like superlatives should certainly spend some time in Hong Kong or shoppers, because in this city, you'll find everyting. However, be aware of imitations! Hong Kong has some really big and great shopping malls and the prices are less expensive than in Europe and Singapore. You'll find unaffordable designer clothes for crazy prices. Nicki bought herself an iPod which costs substantially less in Hong Kong than elsewhere. The last day of our citytrip we went to see the Big Buddha, next to the Po Lin monastery. This bronze statue is reputed to be the biggest bronze seated Buddha in the world, overlooking the Lantau Island mountain range, spectacular. The entrance is actually free, if you buy yourself a vegetarian meal at the monastery. The food is OK, but you don't really have the feeling that monks have cooked the meal for you, it felt like eating at the canteen of a big Chinese manufacturing plant catering for it's labour trying to serve the best congee and dim sum of the region. Nonetheless we did enjoy it. The most remarkable fact about Hong Kong is that this place has a true mix of Asia, you don't really see a lot of Westerners, if at all, they're mostly business men. The 6.5 million other Hong Kongers don't really care too much, they are very focused. Things are moving fast for them. We had 4 clearly visible days in the city that is plagued with smog and extreme air pollution, but according to a major Chinese newspaper, we were lucky ones as there was a fresh stream of 'clean' air that blew all the toxic air away. Unfortunatly yesterday when we left, the smog was all over, a clear sign for us to leave. The views from Victoria Harbour and the HK Skyline as seen from the Kowloon side, is amongst the most impressive in the world. There is also a kind of "Walk of fame", they renamed it into "Avenue of the stars". Apart from Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan there weren't many names we knew. Talking about the international airport Chek Lap Kok in Hong Kong. Last year voted as the world's number one airport is not as inspiring as Singapore Changi's counterpart. The terminal hall is indeed impressive but generally, it's huge, abstract and only one colour: grey.
Hong Kong in a nutshell, shopping malls to go for:
- IFC mall / the mall between the two International Financial Centre buildings
- Pacific Plaza / the mall smack between the Marriott, Conrad & Shangri-La Hong Kong
- SOGO & New World centre in Kowloon / on a clear evening, enjoy the views first to get inspired for shopping, great atmosphere
- Wan Chai computer centre, if you want discountable laptops, MP3 players etc...

enjoy your weekend,
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