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Malaysia | 0 Comments 19 February 2006 - Last Update 19 February 2006

We were both a bit afraid of our third cab we took from Johor to Mersing in Malaysia, the cab driver drove 140 km/h on a dirty Malaysian highway with a lot of curves and I don't know why he was in such a hurry, but upon arrival in Mersing, we found out, the boat to Tioman was waiting for us. Apart from 4 other tourist, the boat was jam packed with locals. After our disembarkation in Genting, we could take a watertaxi to our resort, and we could already see our accommodation from a distance, a tree top villa.

As we were frightened by brochures, travel agents and weather channels, the monsoon ends end of Feb, but when we arrived, there was only bleu sky... I think we were lucky. The island of Tioman is special, there are limited resorts and tranquility is all over. I think most people stay in the touristy Berjaya resort, what a shame, as there are some other options with private beaches, and close to coral reefs (don't expect too much but still ). 

Great to walk around in flip flops, take the watertaxi and snorkel to one of the corals closeby. A perfect stop enroute to NZ.
My only dissappointment at Tioman, there was no real Satay...

I will upload the first Tioman pics in NZ, later this week.
take care.





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