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The drive from Mt. Maunganui took us via the Pacific Coast Highway to Whangamata, our first stop in the Coromandel (8 april).
There was even a snorkelling trail down Clarke Island, but this was closed due to gusty winds and rough sea, although nice sunny. This stop is mainly a camping stop enroute to Hahei and Cathedral Cove, the big tourist hotspots of the beautiful Coromandel region.
So after our brekkie 9th of April we drove another hour 1/4 upto Hahei. The route from Whangamata to Hahei is absolutely one of the best we had in NZ, amazing Coromandel forest, and sizzling views of the Pacific and all the islands dotted around the coast. When we arrived in Hahei, it was hard to find a nice camping place so this time we stayed at the Backpackers (Tatahi lodge) and Hahei hosts a long white sand beach. Once in Hahei, we couldn't wait to walk to Cathedral cove, but the area has other nice secluded beaches so we spend some time first at Stingray beach (other side of the Cathedral cove).
I (Kurt) even went snorkeling down Gemstone Bay, Nicki kept an eye on me as the sea was pretty rough.  Our first snorkeling encounter in NZ. Great snorkeling, nice underwaterlife but I expected more fish. Mmm...probably the wrong season again.
On the 10th of April we went to the Cathedral Cove, this is arguably one of the nicest beaches we've seen in NZ, and it's not always about the cove itself, no, it's about everything around: the waves, the seabirds, the limestone formations, the lush green bush... 
We also went to Cooks landing, the place where James Cook first arrived with his endeavour ship,
but there was only a rock commemorating this truly historic event. 
Message for Tourism NZ: where is the museum, bookshop, cafe? How can we learn more about Cpt James Cook here if we don't go to Auckland or Wellington...
This could be a great attraction for visitors, but New Zealand seems to be more into nature than it's cultural and historical heritage. But you can't really blame them for that, can you?
We finished our Coromandel experience in Thames (70 minutes from Auckland). A Goldmining town and we tramped a part of the Rocky Route, in search of goldmines, but there were none, only traps/poison for possums... poor animals.

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