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Kia Ora!

On Monday we went cruising in Milford sound and visited the underwaterworld as well. Amazing. the route from Te Anau was great, with again, many photo stops. A lot of rain in Milford, and according to the local Kiwi guide. Milford sound gets the same amount of rain in three days as the anual rainfall in the whole UK. quite remarkable no? and it was really wet. The water was pooring from every possible corner.
A great day, we also saw some NZ fur seals bathing offshore the cliffs. 
Any visit to New Zealand should at least include a visit to both Doubtful and Milford sound. the good thing about all the rain we had on Monday was the presence of the nasty Sandflies, aka Blackflies. they bite, and you don't even realise it. We met a Dutch couple along the Catlins route and we saw their bites... 
However. we had a great drive, the journey continues.
take care all of you!
Kurt & Nicole





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