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United States | 0 Comments 20 January 2007 - Last Update 17 March 2007

Hello Friends,

How are you all. Been travelling lately? Well, we've been. Nicky and myself embarked on a small Boeing 757-200 from Continental to cross the Atlantic to NY, January 20th. 
After a rather windy approach to the Newark runway, we were in NY, for me (Kurt), it's my 6th visit to the Big Apple, no need to explain this city is my favourite spot on earth. This was Nicky's maiden visit to what is called 'the City that never sleeps'. An average of 5 degrees minus 0, and gusty winds made it even worse. We were staying at the Marriott on Lexington Avenue. I had invited Nicky, a very nice hotel. An old Art-Deco landmark building which was the former Shelton hotel. The location was superb, across the road from the ever-inspiring Waldorf Astoria, minutes walking from Grand Central, Times Square and the reborn Rockefeller Centre. We have exactly one and half days in the Big Apple, enough the visit the prime hotspots. We started with the revamped 'Top of the World' observation deck at Rockefeller. Great views from lower and upper Manhattan. Afterwards we wandered direction Times Square, neon and taxi yellow abundant. I love that spot, the crossroads of the US, if not the world.
We also went to Macy's, but not as interesting this time since there was no remarkable sale going on.
Our tour went onwards to Grand Central, an amazing building. We took some pictures from the in and outside with a perfect Chrysler building backdrop. After some foodies in the Lounge from the Marriott we were pretty tired so enjoyed the hotel and the next morning went for a filling bagel brekkie from Starbucks around the corner. We took the subway to lower Manhattan and walked in the freezing cold near Ground Zero. It was incredibly silent around Ground Zero. I have visited the former WTC site before and again it struck my attention that it is soooo incredibly silent out there. You can really feel something very devastating happened here. Onwards to the George Washington statue at Federall Hall and Wall Street, strolling towards Canal Street. Toured around Chinatown and Little Italy (Mulberry Rd.) and after a couple of streets through SoHo, we dissapeared again underground direction Colombus circle. Did some Borders and Clothes shopping. Finished the day with Central Park (strawberry fields), Shopping at NikeTown (at Trump hotel and towers). Before we all realized one and another, the day was gone. We hade tremendous cold none the less sunny weather. 
Kurt has signed up for the ING New York City marathon, will that be our next visit to the Greatest City on Earth? June will determine if my application was successful for the marathon.

Insider tip: sample some food at Cafe Nicole (Novotel Times Square) and get ready for stunning vistas from Times square. Simply mesmerizing.

The journey continues... Flying to Orlando.






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