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Last Update 01 January 2000

Conrad Profile

This is me! I was born in 1971, so go figure my age out (if I put an age here it will be out dated at the end of this year.....hmmm, which year did I write this??)

I'm a South African, currently who knows where!!! Whenever I tell my friends about my next crazy trip the typical response is 'Have you lost your mind?' The answer is 'Yes, I might be here, but my mind is somewhere else, dreaming about that next magical destination!'

I love travelling and experiencing countries, people, cultures, foods, sights and sounds.

I have a few hobbies like Overlanding, Off Roading, Motorcycling, Scuba Diving, Computers......which one I'm currently a fanatic/lunatic about depends on where I am and what I'm doing.

Scuba Diving is one of my passions. As you will notice it has dominated many of my recent trips. I started diving in March 2002, and did my Dive Masters in Thailand and co-owned a dive business for a year.

What have I done?
Born and bred in Pretoria, South Africa. My travels include South Africa (Born there, worked there, travelled it flat!), Lesotho, Transkei (a few times), Namibia (a few times), Botswana, Zimbabwe (a few times), Mozambique (lots of times), Malawi (twice), England (lived and worked there), Ireland, France (lived and worked there), Denmark (worked there), Norway, Sweden, Netherlands (twice), Belgium, Germany, Greek Cyprus, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand (three times).

Future dreams?
Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Morrocco, Egypt, Israel, Caymen Islands, Zanzibar, hmmm, I know I can think of more!!!
Oh yeah, and a trans Africa trip is in the planning!!! Dare to Scare - I want to do the Western route!!!

How will I get there?
Hmmm, some of them by plane, some by 4x4 (LandCruiser or LandRover), I'd like to travel Eastern Africa, up to Zanzibar on a offroad motorbike or a 4x4 Quadbike.

Well, click on the links to the left and go have a look.

Hope this site inspires some of you to get off your butts and go see and experience the world. You were given one life - go live it!!! 
And no, sitting in an office 8-5 is NOT living your life (My opinion!)

You can mail me at conrad AT

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