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Montevideo & Colonia

11 Jan 2006 | Uruguay | Created 11 Jan 2006 | Last Update 11 Jan 2006 | 0 Comments

Taken from the story listed under Argentina called "Argentina Take 3" ....The following weekend myself & Corona headed over to Uruguay . You can catch a 3 hour boat from the port in Buenos Aires to Uruguay. There’s a bus that runs too that’s a little cheaper but longer and ...

Argentina Take 3

29 Dec 2005 | Argentina | Created 29 Dec 2005 | Last Update 11 Jan 2006 | 0 Comments

So......a lot has happened I suppose since our last update. We leave it so long now between updates that it kinda gets a little blurred as to what we actually got up to since then and now but sure we’ll try…..  I think we left you…oh yeh…..Pinamar Beach Resort down th...

Newscast from BA!

06 Dec 2005 | Argentina | Created 06 Dec 2005 | Last Update 11 Jan 2006 | 0 Comments

Hi Guys, So we had a great day and night for my birthday last Wednesday....Started in Health Spa first....although we did'nt realise until we got there that there were separate facilities (Jacuzzi, Sauna, Pool & Steamroom) for men & women (the reason for this being so that the men and women ...

Buenos Aires - Argentina

28 Nov 2005 | Argentina | Created 28 Nov 2005 | Last Update 11 Jan 2006 | 0 Comments

Hi Guys! Just a short note to say we are well settled in Buenos Aires now in our apartment. Have´nt really done a whole lot of site seeing here yet, but then it is a city and not much to do really but really nice Restaurants, pubs, clubs and lots of shops!! There are lots of Museums and cathed...

Inca Trail & Cuzco (Peru)

15 Nov 2005 | Peru | Created 15 Nov 2005 | Last Update 16 Nov 2005 | 0 Comments

Hi Guys!!!! So sorry its been ages since our last story, we had sent pics for Inca Trail but no story as things have just been crazy (Corona got sick with Typhoid Fever and then we were trying to make our way down to Buenos Aires (Argentina) quickly to go apartment hunting, and boy was that stressfu...


Created 02 Nov 2005 | Last Update 02 Nov 2005 | 0 Comments

Puno, Arequipa (Peru)

24 Oct 2005 | Peru | Created 24 Oct 2005 | Last Update 24 Oct 2005 | 0 Comments

Hi Guys, Continuing from our last story, the next (very groggy) day we caught a very nice bus with Tour to Puno in to see the other side of Lake Titicaca . It was a huge novelty to have a loo on the bus again! So it was bye bye and 3 comfortable hours later we arrived into Puno were we got a hostal ...

La Paz (Bol) - Copacabana (Bol)

18 Oct 2005 | Bolivia | Created 18 Oct 2005 | Last Update 24 Oct 2005 | 0 Comments

Hola! Well, the last time you heard from us we were heading North to La Paz from Cochabamba. It´s an 8 hour bus ride but you don´t feel it because of the UNBELIEVABLE scenery along the way (some photos up). As alot of you probably already know La Paz is the highest city in the ...

Villa Tunari (Animal Sanctury).....

10 Oct 2005 | Bolivia | Created 10 Oct 2005 | Last Update 14 Oct 2005 | 1 Comments

Hi Guys, Sorry its been yonkers since our last update but as ye all knew we were working in Inta Wara Yassi, by the way here is the link if ye fancy taking a look  and we just have'nt really had a chance to get to an internet cafe in the meantime. We were waiting to g...

Bolivia - Uyuni,Sucre,Cochabamba

13 Sep 2005 | Bolivia | Created 13 Sep 2005 | Last Update 12 Oct 2005 | 1 Comments

Welllllllll! We got to Bolivia Sunday 4th Sept at a very very cold 1o´clock in the morning, arriving into a town called Uyuni. Uyuni is the town were everyone stays for a couple of days in order to go see the famous salt plains (Salair de Uyuni). Anyway, we were hustled from the train station ...

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