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Our last couple of days in SALTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Sep 2005 | Argentina | Created 10 Sep 2005 | Last Update 11 Jan 2006 | 0 Comments

Okay Guys just a short story on our last couple of days in Salta, before departure for "Bolivia". Continuing from our last story, well we went out later that nite to a BBQ with the guys from the hostel "Backpackers Soul", the nite began with a few drinks in our hostel and then we...

We´re in Salta!!!!!!!!!

01 Sep 2005 | Argentina | Created 01 Sep 2005 | Last Update 11 Jan 2006 | 0 Comments

Howdy Folks! Well it´s been a while since the last update but that just gives us more to talk about now doesn´t it!! The last time we wrote we were heading to thats what we did (about 3 days later!!) cos Corona got sick the next day (fluy) so an hour before we were due to ...

Greetings from Arraial D`Ajuda!

17 Aug 2005 | Brazil | Created 17 Aug 2005 | Last Update 17 Aug 2005 | 0 Comments

Hola! It´s that time again to write another little story about our adventures! Following on from our last installment there was yet another change of plan (you will see alot of these cos we keep meeting new people who give us good tips and advice on where to go next). So we went back with the ...

Rio -> Salvador -> Valenca --> Morro De Sao Paulo

07 Aug 2005 | Brazil | Created 07 Aug 2005 | Last Update 07 Aug 2005 | 0 Comments

Hello Again! Well...i think the last time we were saying that we were gona go to Iguozu falls but...the plans changed! We got talking to some people that said if we go further up the east coast of that it meant to be REALLY nice so we booked an internal flight with Varig to Salvador . Got the f...

Last couple of days in Rio(Beach,Tropical Islands)

31 Jul 2005 | Brazil | Created 31 Jul 2005 | Last Update 31 Jul 2005 | 0 Comments

Hi Guys N' Gals... Well...we've done quite a bit in the last couple of days. Mostly relaxing though it has to be said..we said we'd spend 5 days chillin out anyway before we start out on the backpacker route with hostels and whatever else! They had promised sizzling weather this week and boy did it ...

Greetings from Rio De Janeiro!!!

27 Jul 2005 | Brazil | Created 27 Jul 2005 | Last Update 31 Jul 2005 | 0 Comments

Hi Everybody!! MAD we finally arrived in Rio De Janeiro.....Flight was great so smooth and they really look after you, didn't even feel like we were in the air!loads of films and meals so the 12 hours flew in...we slept alot of it, however there was some turbulence and alot of crying to babies which...

Just testing out our new website! :o)

27 Jun 2005 | Ireland | Created 27 Jun 2005 | Last Update 21 Jul 2005 | 0 Comments

Hey All, This is our new website!! Kindly provided to use by (remember it!). The guy who's developing it (Mike) is actually the boyfriend of a girl I work with in AMO (Katleen) so he'd like us to test it out for him! It's pretty cool cos you can organise your stories & p...

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