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Argentina | 0 Comments 29 December 2005 - Last Update 11 January 2006

So......a lot has happened I suppose since our last update. We leave it so long now between updates that it kinda gets a little blurred as to what we actually got up to since then and now but sure we’ll try….. 

I think we left you…oh yeh…..Pinamar Beach Resort down the east coast of . We headed in the car with our Argentinean friend Javier and another girl Zoe. It took around 4 hours to travel the 400KM stopping off now and again at toll bridges, McDonalds and to fill the car up with GAS. Yes, they run the cars on gas over here because it’s much cheaper! Most people get their petrol engines adapted to take gas as well as petrol for around $500 but save a FORTUNE in the long run! It’s great cos they have a little switch on the dashboard then that they can simply flick over to petrol when they run out of gas before the next station or vice versa…don’t know why we don’t have them in ! 

Anyway, Pinamar with it’s tons of really nice bars and restaurants is a great little beach town that is supposed to be a very exclusive area were all the filthy rich corrupt politicians, celebrities and general well-to-do’s come for the summer to chill out in their beach houses and on their pre-booked plots of beach; areas the size of a car-parking spaces that are typically rented out for around 1000 pesos a month. The really busy time for Pinamar is January so we were arriving just before summer madness broke out with all the people coming down from the city on their summer holidays. We had a great couple of days down there chilling out in Javier’s holiday house beside the beach, basking in the sun for most of the day and then heading out with the gang for a meal and some bars at night. 

The following weekend myself & Corona headed over to Uruguay . You can catch a 3 hour boat from the port in Buenos Aires to Uruguay. There’s a bus that runs too that’s a little cheaper but longer and we just couldn’t be bothered. Anyway, first stop in was the capital Montevideo . At first when we arrived in we weren’t that impressed with the city mostly because we were staying in a hostel in a not so serene or scenic place. This all changed when we met up with a girl Corona knew from the Man Investments office here, Laura. Corona had only ever spoken with her on the phone in work so this was the first time meeting her face-to-face. She was dead sound and brought us around the whole city in her car and out to the bay and that to watch the sun set and afterwards brought us to this really nice restaurant on the beach were she insisted on paying for the meal. It’s was very funny actually cos Corona had the whole restaurant looking around doing the usual Irish thing of shouting “YOUR NOT PAYING FOR THAT MEAL....NO WAY LAURA.....I´M NOT LETTING YOU DO THAT.....NO!!!.....NO!!!!.....NOOOOOOOOO!!!”. Anyway, you get the jist...very funny at the time. 

We only stayed in Montevideo for two days because it’s really just another big city so not much site seeing things to do, plus the city (the main part anyway) is quite small so you see everything worth seeing very quickly anyway. So, on the Monday we took the bus to Colonia. It’s a 2 hour bus ride west of Montevideo . The weather while we were there couldn’t have been better, Scorchio! The town itself is a maze of picturesque cobble stoned streets and mostly small white Portuguese style buildings that’s walls are covered in hanging baskets and windowsills are full of flowers as well as the iron lamps that are dotted around the town. Weeping Willow type trees hang over the central square creating an even sleepier relaxing mood in the center while there’s a huge white lighthouse that towers above all this, standing over it all. There’s a marina were everyone chills out to relax and then watch the sun come down at around 9pm. You can see some pics of it in our photos section on Uruguay.

Unfortunately, we only had one day/night in Colonia, we would have definitely liked a second. Anyway, next morning we had to be up at 4am to catch the ferry back to Buenos Aires at 5am. VERY TIRED! But we both slept on the boat back, stretched over and between 2 seats, very comfortable indeed!

Later that week (Xmas eve) myself and Corona got up at 6am had some breakfast, met Javier with his car and went to meet Corona’s sister Grainne and cousin Mericia. The airport is pretty far from the city, around 40mins. Anyway, got there on time ready and primed with cameras and camcorder to capture the moment the girls walked through the arrival doors! I might still put that up on the website girls  haha





It was great to see them and we moved swiftly from the airport back to ours were we had a slap up fry the girls had brought over for me! MY GOD, it was the business! Had been deprived for 6 months of good oul unhealthy Irish breakfasts…I think I made the stuff they brought over last me for the next 3 days… I thought the girls would be tired after landing and want to go to bed, but oh no…it was straight out sunbathing followed by sunny afternoon drinks in the pub by the park. So that so xmas eve they arrived and later on that night we all headed over to Emmett & Neil’s place for xmas dinner! We bought plastic garden tables and chairs and brought them up to the roof of their apartment block where the lads put on a great spread of turkey, spuds, veggies, garlic potatoes, gravy, etc coupled with bottles of red wine, Xmas cds and Santa hats. I made a strawberry mouse (supposed to be my dads recipe but cant get the same ingredients here) and it went down well….like lead does! It was so heavy I could only manage a bite but it looked good sitting on the table

In Buenos Aires at midnight, Xmas eve, the entire city erupts into some sort of war zone with thousands of fireworks lighting up the city skyline. It’s an unbelievable sight and we had front row tickets on top of the apartment block roof! We had our own firework type thing to add to the madness. It’s like a hot air balloon made out of thin paper and you light what looks like a firelighter underneath it and it floats away and takes off into the night sky. You can see the glow from it for miles until it finally gives up, self-combusts and hurtles to the ground.

Later that night we all left the apartment to go to Pacha for the night but the girls (Grainne+Mericia) who had now been awake something ridiculous like 30 hours decided they just wouldn’t last til 9am the next morning in a club so they headed home for a much deserved sleep along with Corona. It ended up being one of the best nights I´ve ever been to in Pacha but the girls made up for this by getting up the next morning at 9am and heading to an early club called Caix (the best club in BA in my book!) that opens at 8am and runs until 2pm. I of course was KO`d from the night before and didn’t even hear them all leave…the first I knew of it was them coming back in the door after the club at around 3pm all dolled up to the ninths and looking “a little” merry!

Anyway, we spent the next couple of days with the girls looking around the city at various sightseeing stuff then after 3 days it was time for them to leave us and BA and head on to Iguaçu  in North Argentina to see the falls. And we’re alone again….

The house seemed very depressing after the girls left because there had been so much life in it over the Xmas but we shook it off and prepared for New Years Eve. That was a bit of a crazy one were we went to Paddy + Nicos place to ring in 2006 and then went to bed around 5am only to get up at 9am to go to Caix!! Caix was EXCELLENT and I think there was a bigger buzz about the club because it was the last day of the season before they break for the summer holidays. I´ve put up a couple of vids of this place in the Movies Section of our site. After Caix we all (7 of us) went to the park at 3pm to laze in the sun and ended up sitting there on a huge blanket with a “few beers” until midnight that night. Great day, very painful next morning!

The next day the lads Emmett + Neil left BA heading for Chili and then onto Easter Island . We’ll probably see them again in Sydney , if we ever get there!!

So, were up to the present minute. A couple of days ago we moved out of our apartment and were supposed to be driving to Santiago to see if we could get out on stand-by to New Zealand but Corona got sick. She had these very bad stomach cramps, fever, headaches and nausea so we booked into a hotel and called a doctor. He’s put her on a load of anti-biotics and wants to keep an eye on her for 48 hours. That 48 hours ends tonight so if he still doesn’t think she’s well enough he’s gona book her into the hospital beside us here and run a series of tests until he finds out exactly what’s wrong with her. She was feeling better today and she thinks she may be able to leave for  Santiago tomorrow morning but if she can’t or the doc says no it will be bye bye stand-by and hello 2 more months in South America (we have March 9th confirmed flight).

By the way, we have no mobile again now because we sold it back to the letting agency for our apartment. It’s back to the oul email!

So we really don’t know what direction are travels will next take but I’m sure I’ll enjoy that path wherever it my lead!

Thanks for all the messages people left on the guestbook! Sheehy, I love the poems, keep em coming!

































Hope ya`s all had a great Christmas / New Year!! 

All the best folks!

Dave and Corona









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