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Hi Guys!

Just a short note to say we are well settled in Buenos Aires now in our apartment. Have´nt really done a whole lot of site seeing here yet, but then it is a city and not much to do really but really nice Restaurants, pubs, clubs and lots of shops!! There are lots of Museums and cathedrals to explore which we hope to do soon!! We have joined a gym two blocks from our apartment, so have been using that every day except weekends......we went to the Zoo last week and that was pretty impressive.....we hope to go to a football match this wknd and our friend Javier is bringing us to a famous argentinian BBQ soon...its an all you can eat for 25Pesos ......which is about 7 Euro so redicoulisly cheap!!

So lets see what exactly have we been doing for the past two weeks, well basically nothing really!! Just really chilling out, go to the gym in the morning and try get a color in afternoon lying out in the parks....we are finding it a little boring sometimes to be completely honest and we will be glad to be on the road again in Jan but Buenos Aires is Deadly!!!! ... too much time on our hands as we were so use to doing something everyday while travelling....don´t think we really thought about this too well and to be honest I think a month would have been long enough relaxing here.....anyway we will be well relaxed and ready for our travels again in early Jan when we leave....we were thinking it would have been great to even get a job here (which mite pass some time) but no chance as our Spanish is not good at all!!! Well last wknd we met our friend Javier....and thanks to Corona´s friend Rachel in work we would have never met him otherwise...(Rachel we have put a pic up for you on site).....he has been great giving us loads of info and anyway he took us to some really nice bars outside the city by the river and then onto a club called "Sunset"....great nite....was 8am before we got home! Its really crazy the times the Argintian people do everything over here...they have dinner between 10pm and anytime after that...they start going to pubs at 12 and clubs at 3am......our bodies are slowly getting used to it! Then on the Saturday nite we met up with Niall, Emmet, Paddy & there friend Moe who is over on hols for a few weeks...anyway we all headed to Pacha that nite and had a great time....really cool club and brought us straight back to Ibiza that was yet another crazy hour of 8am getting home....

This wknd we met up with Edward a guy from Dominican Republic ....long story how we met him! He brought us to this cool 60´s bar in Palermo a few blocks from our apartment....later that nite we met up with a few New Zealand guys we had did Lake Titikaka with (Brendan, Joey & Richie)....anyway on a few drinks that nite we all arranged to go to a Polo match the next day at 2......myself and Dave could´nt move....pity though as have never been to a polo match and im sure it would have been interesting!!

We really want to go to a Gaucho Ranch soon, and hoping to go to Montevideo in Uruguay and will prob pop into Man Investments to meet Laura....which is about 3hrs by boat next wknd for a few days.....its my birthday on Wednesday so we are going to health spa in morning and then a meal later that evening and going to a fancy club that nite with some people we met last week.....very funny actually how we met! Myself and Dave were having a drink in a bar and one of the girls recognised us...she was with two of the girls (Rachel & Charlotte) at creamfields who we worked with in Villa Tunari....anyway we got chatting and they invited us to a party on Saturday nite....Erin is from Tyrone and Lucy from London.....there ended up being 20 of us in end heading out to party and nobody met or new the girl before...basically the girls spanish teacher had asked them to come and to bring as many friends as possible as this Argintinian girl wanted a huge birthday party...anyway it was a very long journey outside the city and finally we reached the house an hour later.....I mean this house was a total mansion....swimming pool and dj set up in garden...with candels and fairylights everywhere.....everyone had to pay 5 Pesos in and there was a free bar for the whole night...and food! Nobody seen the food though! :0(

So going to Pacha again this sat nite and hopefully the lads Niall, Emmet & Paddy will be joining us...Erick Morillo & Groove Armada are much dj´s playing here in next couple of weeks which is greattttttttt!! Hope to have done some touristy things by our next letter so will have some pics.... gonna bye our xmas tree this week....very weird though as its just too hot to feel like xmas!!! Its great it appears that alot of the gang we worked with in Villa Tunari are going to be here for xmas now so will be great to catch up!!

By the way this is our address here until early Jan and our mobile no here is:

Guatemala 4989 2nd Floor Apartment B,
C.P. (1425) Buenos Aires,
Republica Argentina

Mobile no:  0054 911 600 58791 (I know longest no ever!!!)

Thats all the news we have, we have some pics of Creamfields, Zoo and other stuff which we will be putting up in next couple of days!!

Ciou for now,

Dave and Corona X








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