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Hi Guys,

So we had a great day and night for my birthday last Wednesday....Started in Health Spa first....although we did'nt realise until we got there that there were separate facilities (Jacuzzi, Sauna, Pool & Steamroom) for men & women (the reason for this being so that the men and women can go naked, anyway we did'nt see any of that while we were there thank god!!!) and of course we were the first people there so we had to beg the poor woman behind the desk to let us go in together...after this we both had a Massage and then i also had a facial....however the massager i had was so rough ...she was just belting me...i dunno if that was the type of massage or what....but Dave´s one was so gentle to him! Anyway after this i went to get my hair done, i took the salon from an english magazine they have for tourists...looked very professional and i go in with a picture as i knew they would only have spanish and would'nt have a clue what i they were sure they could do this for me and for a few minutes i actually trusted them, until everything goes pear shaped and i feel my scalp burning and i am wondering 'what the hell is going on' only to realise that they are covering my head in peroxide and i nearly in tears with the they left it for an hour and then rinsed it out and dried it and i mean no joke my hair was yellow and the whole salon is just staring at me laughing and of course i nealy in tears at this again they bring me over to the sink and their putting more colour in and explaing to me in spanish what they are going to do...but of course as my spanish is soooooo brutal i not understanding a thing!! so im put under the dryer again and again they rinse it out and dry and its WHITE now.....apsolutely crazy and felt like straw leaving the salon! Anyway i have a treatment for it now and its actually starting to feel a little softer and i've found a good hair salon beside our apartment and guess what they actually have english, they have asked me to come back in 15days and they are going to fix up for me, just really tone the colour down as its sooooooo crazy looking! they said they would use colour with hardly any i have learned a well deserved lesson never attempt to go to a hair salon where they have no english or you will come home with white hair!!!!!:0) Anyway made the most of my nite after this hickup and it was off for a fab meal in "Green Bamboo"...Grainne & Meris we will have to take ye here when ye get over! Our friend Javier came along and two girls (Gemma & Zoey) we worked with in animal sanctury who are over for xmas...then it was onto a really fancy club 'Opera Bay', designed like Sydney Opera House!! There´s actually a small lake in the club, really cool! We met up with some people here we had met the wknd before, this club anyway is like an afetr office and everyone has suits etc on....quite expensive in for a Wednesday too.....but everyone is just soooo pissed...falling all over eachother!Crazy!!

So put our crimbo tree up and does feel quite strange as its so hot and getting hotter by the day, however it can rain quite heavily here too for a day or two.....We went to Pacha at the weekend to Groove Armada & Erick Morillo only to find out when we got there that it was a dj set (just some normal dj playing their music) and then to make things worse Erick Morillo never showed so we were'nt happy bunny's after paying quite a bit for the tickets!!Anyway shor what can ya do eh! Were heading to the beech with our friend Javier this weekend, he has a house out there so think we go Friday and come back Monday....its about 400KM from BA...really looking 4ward to that as there are no beeches in BA itself only parks to lie out in.............Going to visit San Telmo this week...its an area in BA where the Tango began meant to be really nice and people doing Tango out on the streets...going to try and even get some classes in ourselves!!Ha ha!!

Hope its not tooooooooo cold back home in Ireland.....

Cioa for now,

Dave and Corona Xx

We just came across a magazine about Argentina/BA containing some interesting facts we thought some of you might be interested in:

39 Million population of Argentina in 2005.
12.3 Million population of metrropolitan BA in 2005 (2.9 Million in the capital)
12th BA´s ranking in list of worlds biggest cities in 2005.
142nd BA's ranking (out of 144) in list of world's most expensive cities.
4th BA's ranking in list of worlds's noisiest cities (Corrientes and Madero is the loudest street corner).
90 Percentage of BA's population composed of immigrants in 1890.
20 Percentage of Portenos who define themselves as 'unhappy'.
1:30 Ratio of psychoanalysts to population in Argentina (Quite INSANE eh!!!)
1:100 Same ratio in developed nations.
8 Number of goals scored by Maradona in World Cup matches.
60 Pounds lost by Diego Maradona since stomach-stapling operation in January 2005.
40 Percentage of Argentinian population living below the poverty line in 2005.
41 Perentage of young Argentinian's who say they would accept bribes.
20 Percentage of Argentinian's who are practicing Roman Catholic's.
15 Age of sexual consent in Argentina.
1986 Year divorce became legal in Argentina.
2003 Year same sex civil union was legalised.
1 in 10 Number of adolescent girls in Argentina suffering from an eating disorder (You would totally see this, its unbelieveable how skinny all the girls are!!!)
1,495 Average number of cigarettes consumed per Argentinian adult 2004 (This also, never seen so much people smoke before.....
33 Evita's age when she died of cancer.
1st Argentina's ranking in world for soy meal and soy oil exports.
4th Argentina's ranking in world for beef exports in 2004.
60KG Amount of beef consumed per year per capita in Argentina - INCREDIBLE EH!!! The poor cows! :o)
7th Argentina's world ranking for wine consumption.
92 Percentage of households in which mate is drunk.
14,000 Number of left-wing dissidents 'disappeared' under military rule from 1976 to 1983 according to official reports.
30,000 Number of left-wing dissidents 'disappeared' according to human rights groups.
4 Average number of songs in a tanda (tango set).
800 Number of songs recorded by Carlos Gardel.
50,000 Estimated number of tangos ever composed.
6 Number of Argentinian presidents since the 2001 crisis.
71 Years life expectancy of an Argentinian Male.
78 Years life expectancy of an Argentinian Female.

thats it you know everything you´ll never have to go.... Though we recommend it!!! :o)





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