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Okay Guys just a short story on our last couple of days in Salta, before departure for "Bolivia".
Continuing from our last story, well we went out later that nite to a BBQ with the guys from the hostel "Backpackers Soul", the nite began with a few drinks in our hostel and then we all headed up to the other hostel where the BBQ was taking place. It cost 10 Pesos (which is about 3 euro) each and this included a huge feast of salads galore and steak (Dave was in his upmost element with all the steak). We have to say it was a very cold night though and we were'nt really prepared for the cold weather as most of the clothes we brought away were summer clothes!!!The weather while we were in Salta was stange, hot during the day and apsolutely FREEZING at nite!!

Anyway,yeh,the BBQ...There must have been about 200 of us in total between the two hostels and they used at least 3 cows for the BBQ (it was crazy). They just kept firing more meat on (steaks galore), all you can eat style. The set up was fantastic, there was a huge Marquee on the roof top of the hostel looking out over the city and we were all piled in and sat in lines of tables and benches. There was zero heating though!!:( After the BBQ we all hung around and had some drinks and chatted while we listened to two guys playing on spanish guitars. (Dave was in his element and even managed to whip the guitar from them and play a little tune). At around 12/1, they started to kick us out so we all headed on to "Barney Gomez", a local pub down the road which was decorated in pictures of Barney from the Simpsons. This place was just full of backpackers (we totally took over the place), it was great!! We met loads of great people that nite (as you will see from the pictures that will be up soon) and was 7/8 in the morning before we hit our beds!!

Then our last nite in Salta we went for some drinks (well so we thought at the time it would only be a few drinks) with Gus (a Clare man we met in Puerto Igazu) and his Argintinian Girl Maria. We headed into the main area full of bars and restaurants and found a great bar/restaurant which had live argintian dancers (one of whom was Maria´s cousin). Then out of no where i was pulled from my seat and brought down to the middle of the restauant to partake in the dancing (very funny indeed).....While Dave sat watching me in stitches!!
:)It was an experience!! The nite did´nt end there, we strolled onto a cool/hip rock and roll bar where we had fantastic cocktails and from there onto this deadly Electro Niteclub....Our bus was at 5.30am that same nite/morning to Bolivia so at this point we decided there was no point in sleeping and stayed out til the bitter end. We went from the club straight to the hostel to pick up our bags and onto the bus. NEVER AGAIN...lets just say this was the worst journey took 8 hours before we got to the border and it was an awful rocky ride and we had splitting headaches and our breathing was quite funny with the the nearer we got to the border the worse the altitude got!!!Lets just say the bus journey was one to remember!!


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