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Howdy Folks!

Well it´s been a while since the last update but that just gives us more to talk about now doesn´t it!!

The last time we wrote we were heading to thats what we did (about 3 days later!!) cos Corona got sick the next day (fluy) so an hour before we were due to get the bus to Rio we had to cancel and thankfully the ticket office gave us a refund! Anyway because Corona was sick we didn´t want to be in a hostel so booked the top hotel in Puerto Seguro for 2 nights! It was great with very lavish rooms, every movie channel under the sun and a great restaurant and bar beside the infinity pool lookin into the ocean! So,with all this luxury Corona made a quick recovery and so 2 days later than planned we got a bus down the coast back to good oul Rio De Janeiro (22 hours)...and usual it didn´t let us down with temperatures soaring into the 30´s and clear blue skys!We got recommended a hostel in Rio immaginatively called the "Rio Hostel!" in an area called Santa Teresa...very nice area with little cobbled stoned streets and zero criminals which is always a bonus!

The hostel was great with its own living room complete with dvds,stereo,movie chanels etc and some very comfy (too comfy) couches. They had an A1 kitchen there so we finally got achance to cook something for ourselves instead of eating out (can´t believe I got sick of eating out!). Anyway thats the pics you can see  of Corona cooking up some quality chicken+pasta.

We met tons of people in this hostel and ended up going out with them 1 night to a Flavella party. A Flavella is a shanty town in Rio but there are these special tours organised were a load of you get picked up and brought out to one of these crazy partys up in a warehouse in the shanty towns! These areas are normally off limits to any SANE person but if you go up with this tour you are safe and get hussled (under cover of 3 or 4 MASSIVE black guys) upstairs to the "VIP" section that really is just the upstairs of the warehouse were only us foreigners are allowed up...The party itself is QUALITY!!! Really good tunes and crazy fireworks going off up beside the DJ´s during the night...we were told later that it was "safe" to go downstairs into the pit of Flavellers so we went down for about 20mins were people were actually sound but kept comng over to us and saying "Hey Grrrriiiingo!!!". Theres plenty of security downstairs to make sure we come out with all our limbs intact! Really great night though and definately one to remember! Mad!

Rio was only really a stop off so we could get the bus to Argentina to see the Iguazu falls so after a couple of days sunning ourselves Corona said a very emotional goodbye to the beautiful beaches of east coast Brazil and we started on our 26 hour journey to the falls. The bus was fine except for having to be woken at 5am to swop buses cos our 1 was knackered. Didn´t mind much though cos we got transfered onto a much nicer one for the rest of the journey. When we got to the border between Brazil and Argentina they were asking for some little piece of paper we were given on theway into Brazil but I of course lost this ages ago so had to pay a 165 and "55 cents!" fine in order to ever be able to come back to Brazil again. Pain in the BOTTOM!

So the story with the falls is that they are split down the middle by the Brazil/Argentine border so to visit them in their entirity you must firstspend on day on the Brazil side (this gives you the overall paneramic view of the falls) then the next day go to the Argentine side to see them close up. I hope you have had a chance to see the pics of the falls by now but let me tell you that theydon´t even do it justice! They are UNBELIEVABLE!! Even the sound of the millions of tons of water crashing hundereds of meters to the bottom is enough to leave you just standing there goin "What the hell am I looking at!", thats what i had to keep saying to myself cos when your standing over these massive falls looking down it just doesn´t seem´s far to insane!

You can do the Brazil side in 3 hours but the Argentine side took us 8 hours walking around before we saw all the different 1 point during the day we took a rowing boat down what the guide told us would be very similar to the Amazon river. We got seeing some crocs and baby crocs and then some turtles and baby turtles...think all the animals are popping babies around this time of year! Also saw some tucans and some gecko, lizzardy type things which there are a few snaps of!

Ok so the falls was during the day but at night we went out on the town to the local nightclubs were we met this argentinian couple and ended up doin a couple swap for some of the time were we were doin salsa dancing and stuff like that...they´re mad for salsa dancing here! After the club we left and found this cool bar that had some Dj´s playing decks! We couldn´t have been happier, loving the tunes and after talking to the DJ´s for a while they let ME on the decks for a couple of tunes! With confidence at a high (nothing to do with alchol of course) I miraculously managed to mix a few songs perfectly and even threw in some effects and stuff so the lads actually believed I was good...very funny...i quit while I was ahead and gave the decks back to the professionals!

Money was a bit of a disaster to get hold of in this town (Puerto Iguazu) cos none of our cards would work in the ATMS but after a lot of panic and asking around we found out we could withdraw money from inside the bank with a mastercard+passport..big PHEW!

Another night here we got into a pool competition with some local husslers in the other hostel bar down the road...we were playing for a large bottle of beer for every match (alot to the locals!). it was very funny! Myself+2 irish guys we met teamed up against the locals and completely trashed them! You could see by them that they were completely used to beating all the north americans,dutch,germans etc that came through the doors and that would supply them with beers each night but we completely cleared them out. It actualy got a bit too much and we were feeling a bit bad cos their pride wouldn´t let them stop+everyone was gettin drunker so i got half the beers on our table and threw them a few to keep them tickin over..they were well chuffed..sound folk!

Anyway, now we are in Salta in North Argentina, not far from the Bolivian border. Bolivia is our next stop but we are chillin out in Salta for a couple of days cos its sooo nice. It reminds me very much of Prague because of all the same great archetecture but it also has the same atmosphere with all the little cafes and stuff...its very cold here at the moment you all will be delighted to hear! Its around 7degrees and raining! Still nice though! Staying in a nice hostel called "backpackers soul" and heading to a BBQ 2night with them all...cant wait cos I´m starving now!

We leave on Saturday for Bolivia so its bye bye toilet roll and hot showers but its supposed to be great! People we´ve met that have done all of SA all have said it was there favourite country...supposed to be real cheap too so that will be welcomed! Our first stop in Bolivia is Uyuni to see the famous salt flats then its Sucre then Cochabamba were we will spend 15days....wait for it.....working in an animal santuary looking after chimps,monkeys and some big cats like Jaguars and some other guys!! I cant wait! Gona be amazing! It only costs 80 dollars for our accomodation there for 2 weeks and we work 8am-6pm.

After there we head to the capital La Paz (highest city in the world) were im not really looking forward to the altitude sickness then after that we head into Peru to lake ticicaca and the inca trail...from there its back to buenos aires in argentina,quick pop the head in to uruguay,then mendoza for some skiing then santiago in chile were it will be our last stop before we fly to New Zealand...soo much ahead and soo little time....

We´re REALLY tired now after typing all that so we´re signing off....hope our fingers can still pick up a pint tonight! haha

Oh,by the way,we´re loving all the little notes people keep leavin on in the guestbook!! It´s great to hear from everyone!

Talk to you all again time should be Bolivia!

Bye Guys!

Dave and Corona xxx

Ps: Hope you all liked the videos now up on the site from the falls! Sorry they are huge files but thats the lost rate our camera takes video at .





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