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Hey Guy's and Gal's!!!!

Its been a very very long time since our last update.......................hope everybody is keeping well where ever ye are at the moment around the world! Well we have been in now since the end of January, it's hard to believe we are nearly here 6 months and have been gone now over a year!!Mad, don't know where the time has gone! Anyway, just to fill ye in on what we have been up to since then and what were up to at the moment................well we got jobs and an apartment.....I am working in JP Morgan and Dave in AMP back into the serious world of job's and stress again!!I got got sponsored from JP Morgan for the next four years so we have the option of staying for a couple of year's so sure we will see what happens and when ever we get fed up/bored we can go back to traveling.......:)))) when we first arrived in Sydney we were living out at Bondi Beach on Cambell Parade which is the main strip in Bondi......our sitting room had a nice view of the beach/sea......have to say we did enjoy living by the beach and would be nice to move again for the summer....sure we will see!! Bondi is just soooooooooo touristy though its too much when your living here,well campbell parade was .....we lived there for 4 months but decided to move then when we knew we would be here longterm, so were living in Pott's Point now which is a lovely area nearer to the city......our apartment is on the first floor with a big enough balcony with view's of the bay which is nice and even nicer once the summer comes in! It's a small one bedroom apartment, Bathroom including laundry, the bedroom, kitchen and sitting room all in one and then the balcony. It's all wooden floors so nice and easy to keep clean...he he we think of everything!!!And there's nice wooden blinds on all window's so anyway we had to furnish the whole thing as some of ye may know all/most apartments in Australia come completely unfurnished and you mite be lucky to get a cooker! So we basically had to buy everything, washing machine, fridge, T.V, Dvd, couch, table, chairs etc etc etc.....the list is endless!! so lets just say we were pretty smashed for a while!!So just to let ye all know we actually bought a laptop last month so will be much better now at staying in touch everyone, I know we have been absolutely awful since we got here in Jan but have no excuses now!!! Also, our camera packed in so dat's the reason for hardly any pic's.....we just bought a new camera and its arriving tomorrow so will be lots of new pic's to follow in coming weeks/months!!So just to fill ye in on the area were living, it has loads of cool restaurant's, cafe's, bar's and nightclubs!! So great for going out!!Kind of a swanky nice part of Sydney and some of the restaurants are a little over priced because of the area.............Anyway so let me think what we have been up to since we got here, when we arrived In Jan we still had another three months of good weather but really just were trying to sort ourselves out for first month or two with work etc.When we arrived over a lot of our mates were here but they have all left in mean time gone traveling up the East/West coast...that's the usual thing people come to Sydney and stay for a few months and then head off traveling East/West I guess we see a lot of people coming and going the whole time!! It took us a while to settle back into the working life and to be honest I think we are still trying to.....................crazy how much you forget everything when you haven’t used your brain for a while! So we have been up to the Blue Mountain 's twice with a different group of friends both times. We went up in April for Easter when the weather was still nice and sunny and then we just went back there two week's ago for the YULE FEST as they call it! Which is basically xmas in July, all the shops are decorated with xmas decorations and all the restaurants put on a xmas that was quite bizarre seeing xmas tree's etc in July. 11 of us went up for the weekend and we had a fantastic time, there was myself, Dave, Dave hughes and Donal (Dave's friends), Olga (Corona's friend she worked with back in Man Investments in Dublin) and Neil (Olga's boyfriend), Keith (Neil's friend from home), Eimear & Siobhan (Olga's friend's from home) and John. So John brought a xmas tree and decorations up and we had that in the house for the weekend. We rented a house for the weekend, Olga booked and organized the whole thing so good on her and the house was fab, a mansion and was massive! very posh indeed!! As it was soooooooooooo cold, we had an electric fire so had that lit all wknd!was lovely!! We all got the train down on the Friday after work and staying in that nite drinking in the house and tried to have a game of "Murderer", well we tried to ....this was the same game we played in the animal sanctuary in Bolivia so Dave tried his best to explain the rules and get the game going! But unfortunately after a few too many drink's the game did'nt go the right way!!! The next morning was an early start as we all got up and headed up to the mountains for the day, John had organised a few of them to do Ab Sailing...well they all ended up doing it apart from myself, Dave and Donal. We did'nt really fancy hanging off a cliff hungover for the day so we decided to go for a big long scenic walk instead-maybe next time though as looked like lot's of fun!!

We all went for a meal on the saturday night in one of the local bars and then later to a "club" which was like a bit of a "local disco" back home but it was great craic.

Last Saturday we went to the Sydney Aquarium. It's quality! Your get to walk through one of those glass tunnels under the sea and get to see HUGE sharks and manta rays etc swimming over your head and below your feet! It's mental! Got a good look at Jaws teeth, vicious!They'd hack you up in a second. Makes me a bit more wary about splashing about in the sea at bondi now! Scary thought that your sharing the sea we those guys! :)

Later that night we headed to the Sydney theatre and a play called Perbaniez. We hadn't been to a theatre to see a play in years so it was a nice change and a welcomed rest from the usual big screen cinema and annoying kids munchin popcorn in your ear! While we were there there was a 20min break and during it we met a famous Aussie celebrity in the foyer. He hosts a game show called 'deal or no deal' and he's a real cheeeeesy guy :)  sound though! You can see a pic of him on this site :) pure cheese -->

The next morning Corona dragged me to Surrey Hills market which is full of vintage clothes, jewellery and generally weird/cool market people. This market is supposed to be very similar to the paddington market in London . Corona of course was in her element with all the fashion and managed to pick herself up a new red jacket and g-star jeans for a grand total of $40. So she was well happy!

On the 19th Aug we are going DEEP SEA FISHING! There's a gang of us heading out for the whole day, we leave Sydney Harbour at 6am the Saturday morning and arrive back in the city at 2pm later that day. We are going with two girl's Jennifer and Eimear I went to school with and a few other's so were really looking forward to it as will be something different!! So we will make sure we take lots of photo's of the day and hopefully we will catch "Nemo". So that's all the news I hope we did'nt leave anything out.....were planning to go to Melbourne and Perth in the coming weeks/months so will make sure we take lots of pics!! Were both just really looking forward to the summer now and Xmas as we both have three weeks off work and Dave's sister Linda and his cousin Colm and girlfriend Lisa will be over so really looking forward to that!!!

So here's our address while in Sydney:

Apartment 1G,
6 Macleay Street,
Potts Point,
NSW 2011,

And here's our Mobile's:

Corona: 0061 4156 17249
Dave:     0061 4107 96533

And it ye want to speak to us by MSN add the following email addresses to your MSN:

So that's it guys, we will be in regular contact soon.............

I hear Ireland are having a heat wave so enjoy while it last's!!!

Lots of love,

Corona & Dave Xxxxxxxxxx





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