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Hi Everybody!!

MAD we finally arrived in Rio De Janeiro.....Flight was great so smooth and they really look after you, didn't even feel like we were in the air!loads of films and meals so the 12 hours flew in...we slept alot of it, however there was some turbulence and alot of crying to babies which woke us every now and again!! We got to the Airport and it was crazy, nobody had english and of course all taxis are trying to do ya money...but we were clever and rang our hotel to try and see if they could pick us up and how much a taxi should cost from airport....we finally got a taxi...can't get over how old fashioned the cars are....was a good hour drive to hotel....lovely views along the coast...we passed all the shanty towns which are really crazy!!ya couldn't believe people lived in these things(sheds)....
we are only about 5 mins walk from Copacabana is meant to be a scorcher tomorrow so we will probably relax by the beach ya know!!! we went for a lovely meal this evening, was absolutely gorgeous....these waiters kept coming around with more and more meat of every kind....and the salads were amazing.....haven't seen anything like it before!!!its hard to believe were here after such a long wait...we are and will still will be adjusting for a while!!!

We are going to chill out now in residents bar in the hotel, they are playing some jazz music tonite... as we are feeling quite jet lagged!  The people in our hotel are lovely and all have english which is EXCELLENT!!!
P.S...our mobiles will not be working for a few days until we get them unlocked! we will be sending our our SA Number as soon as they are unlocked!

Ok bye for now!

Keep in touch!

Love Corona & Dave. XxXx (Those kisses are from Corona by the way!! :o)





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