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Hi Guys N' Gals...

Well...we've done quite a bit in the last couple of days. Mostly relaxing though it has to be said..we said we'd spend 5 days chillin out anyway before we start out on the backpacker route with hostels and whatever else! They had promised sizzling weather this week and boy did it come...every day has been touching 30 degrees and for some reason the 30 degrees over here feels soooo much warmer than say 30 degrees in Spain or Da Canaries... Anyway, Copacabana beach is very nice, everyone out playing volleyball,weight lifting,running, general pure health freaks that would put any Irish man to shame! When your on the beach itself it gets very head wrecking though because every 1/2 mins there some guys over to ya tryin to sell you every thing from cold drinks and towels with naked chicks on them to jewellery and prawns!

Ipanema is a much nicer beach and a short walk away from Copacabana. Nobody hassles you much there and the crowd is much nicer (and safer) so we are tending to chill out there more. On thing you have to say about Rio is that it IS DEFINATELY NOT the safest place in the world. You can't really describe it but everyone here is ALWAYS on there guard due to all the muggings that happen. It's always people that come down from the shanty towns a little later at night that do all the robbing (just feeding there drug habits or whatever). Rio by day is quality though...unbelievable scenery and skylines.

Yesterday we took a bus (3 hours) down to the south coast of Brazil to visit the "Angra dos Reis". They are a group of 365 tropical islands just off the coast. Anyway, when we got there we got on a tour boat that took you around a few of the islands where you could stop off for around 30/40mins at each one to sunbathe,swim and snorkel. The snorkeling was grrrrrrrreat!! I'd never done it before so at first it's really weird trying to breathe through the tube because you've to really suck hard but once your used to it it's EZ. I went out onto the corals were you could see loads of fish and starfish and other little things I'd never seen before., Just as I was about to swim back in I was dead chuffed to see about 6/7 seahorse stick their heads up to say hello...before that I'd only seen them on some david attenborough program :o) We were on the boat sailing around the islands for around 5 hours and you got dinner and beers there too...also they had Bob Marley playing for most of the trip so that was the icing on the cake for that trip (QUALITY). I've uploaded the photos from this trip anyway so you can have a look!

We went out to 2 Irish bars that are over here the other night and met a load of irish and kiwis...great laugh..can't believe you can even find an Irish bar in Brazil..Mad!

We're goin up to the Corcovado mountain tomorrow to see Christ the Redeemer statue...from up there you can see THE ENTIRE of rio and tomorrow is gona be a scorcher so should be a great view! After that we go exploring Tijuca Forest with some guide then on some city tour to see the Sambadrome and Maracaná Stadium(aparently 1 of the biggest football stadiums in the world....hope theres a game on!).

We get kicked out of our hotel tomorrow (monday) so we have a hostel booked to stay Monday+Tuesday then we will probably leave Rio and make our way towards Iguazu falls (were Argentina,Paraguay and Brazil's borders meet)..can't wait for that!!

Anyway, I'll try throw up more pics as we get them...thanks for all the people that signed the guestbook! It's great for us to have little bits to read from all you guys! Keep em comin!!

Ok to you all again soon! Slán! (Yes Conor/Donal i got the spelling right this time!)

Dave and Corona





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