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Hello Again!

Well...i think the last time we were saying that we were gona go to Iguozu falls but...the plans changed! We got talking to some people that said if we go further up the east coast of that it meant to be REALLY nice so we booked an internal flight with Varig to Salvador . Got the flight for 90eur (very cheap!) but we had to fly at midnight...the flight was fine,really nice airline!

Anyway because we were arriving into Salvador at 2am we just bukd a hotel (splashed out) which was very nice and then the next day we went looking for a hostel. Got a really nice hostel from the lonely planet and stayed there, its in a district called Pelhourino. Salvador is really nice and has alot of really nice beaches along the coastline. They are really big into their capoeira over here (if thats spelt right?)! Its like a mixture between dancing, martial arts and gymnastics! Excellent to watch! They have a capoeira show nearly every hour there and they charge you something like 2 reis to watch...

most of the population here are Afro-brazilian due to all the slaves that were imported into this area a couple of hundred years ago.Pelhourino actually means Whipping post and got its name for being the area were the slaves were auctioned and beat. Because of the strong African vibe here there tons of reggae and samba reggae. its brilliant!We went to a free concert in the main square the other night and all the locals were out dancing and loving it!

Unfortunately we have very little photos of Salvador as like Rio ,there would be frequent muggins so we always left the camera at the hostel and came out with only enough money each night. While we were in Salvador we found out about a place called Morro De Sao Paulo. This is were we are now! Basically in a nut´s paradise. We had to a boat then a bus to get to a town called Valenca then we had to get a speed boat (grrrreat!) to Morro De Sao Paulo because it´s an island a couple of miles off the coast of valenca. You would not believe this place! Basically its like a remote tropical island that has a really nice small village on it (0% crime rate).

As you walk through the village the streets are made of beach sand and there are a few little wooden shops and restaurants and this internet cafe!When you leave the village you have a choice of 4 4 beaches (or sides) on the island. We are staying on the second beach, the party beach apparently! We met 2 americans from San Fran (bro+sis),2 Argentinean girls from Buenos Aires and 1 Brazilian guy. The Brazilian guy is a legend and basically he found us all a place to stay right on the beach that has our own private room,en suite,air con,double king size bed,breakfast included for only 35reis for the room each night, thats around 10euro! Unbelievable!

Anyway it´s great now because the 7 of us are all hanging around with each other at night and during the day on the beach and stuff..great craic! Lastnight we were sitting on the beach sipping cocktails , pitch black with only the moon for the most part lighting up the place...loads of shooting stars too that add to the magic of this place at night! Miles off in the distance theres a faint glow on the horizon at night which is Salvador back on the main land..i´m tellin ya it feels like your in that film with L de caprio, the beach,its quality! We´re gona stay here now for a 4 or 5 days anyway and then probably make are way further down south to Trancoso. After that the plan is to head for to La Paz . We have decided to leave Iguaçu falls until we are in in a couple of months.

We heard that the Inca trail in Peru will booked up already for months to come so we were a little annoyed about that but you can do other, probably easier, trails to the lost city in Machu Picchu that cost cheaper so we´re gona do that when the time comes...loads of people we´ve talked to have been on them and said they are just as good so that  A O K.

We got our phones unblocked yesterday so we should be able to get a Brazilian sim card soon so that will be good...

No news other then that...

I´ll put some more photos up soon with pics of this place we are in now...

I hate to kill ya if your reading this from the office now but I´m gona go snorkeling now and then maybe chill out on the beach for a few hour with a cocktail!haha

All the best and speak again soon!

Dave & Corona!

Ps:Far too many of you are showing far too much interest in my groovy new shorts! I´ll have you know they´re all the rage here!! :) They look especially great with a nice pair of good oul prime irish milkbottle legs! Dont ya think???





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