Argentina Take 3

29 December 2005 | Last Update 11 January 2006

So......a lot has happened I suppose since our last update. We leave it so long now between updates that it kinda gets a little blurred as to what we actually got up to since then and now but sure we’ll try…..  I think we left you…oh yeh…..Pinamar Beach Resort down th...

Newscast from BA!

06 December 2005 | Last Update 11 January 2006

Hi Guys, So we had a great day and night for my birthday last Wednesday....Started in Health Spa first....although we did'nt realise until we got there that there were separate facilities (Jacuzzi, Sauna, Pool & Steamroom) for men & women (the reason for this being so that the men and women ...

Buenos Aires - Argentina

28 November 2005 | Last Update 11 January 2006

Hi Guys! Just a short note to say we are well settled in Buenos Aires now in our apartment. Have´nt really done a whole lot of site seeing here yet, but then it is a city and not much to do really but really nice Restaurants, pubs, clubs and lots of shops!! There are lots of Museums and cathed...

Our last couple of days in SALTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 September 2005 | Last Update 11 January 2006

Okay Guys just a short story on our last couple of days in Salta, before departure for "Bolivia". Continuing from our last story, well we went out later that nite to a BBQ with the guys from the hostel "Backpackers Soul", the nite began with a few drinks in our hostel and then we...

We┬┤re in Salta!!!!!!!!!

01 September 2005 | Last Update 11 January 2006

Howdy Folks! Well it´s been a while since the last update but that just gives us more to talk about now doesn´t it!! The last time we wrote we were heading to thats what we did (about 3 days later!!) cos Corona got sick the next day (fluy) so an hour before we were due to ...

General (471)

12 August 2006 | Last Update 03 December 2010

  • A white tiger! I`d never seen 1 before...have you?
  • Good photo....right place at the right time I gues
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