La Paz (Bol) - Copacabana (Bol)

18 October 2005 | Last Update 24 October 2005

Hola! Well, the last time you heard from us we were heading North to La Paz from Cochabamba. It´s an 8 hour bus ride but you don´t feel it because of the UNBELIEVABLE scenery along the way (some photos up). As alot of you probably already know La Paz is the highest city in the ...

Villa Tunari (Animal Sanctury).....

10 October 2005 | Last Update 14 October 2005

Hi Guys, Sorry its been yonkers since our last update but as ye all knew we were working in Inta Wara Yassi, by the way here is the link if ye fancy taking a look  and we just have'nt really had a chance to get to an internet cafe in the meantime. We were waiting to g...

Bolivia - Uyuni,Sucre,Cochabamba

13 September 2005 | Last Update 12 October 2005

Welllllllll! We got to Bolivia Sunday 4th Sept at a very very cold 1o´clock in the morning, arriving into a town called Uyuni. Uyuni is the town were everyone stays for a couple of days in order to go see the famous salt plains (Salair de Uyuni). Anyway, we were hustled from the train station ...

General (477)

03 November 2005 | Last Update 03 December 2010

  • Scott from Tazzy looking very happy...little did h
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