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Inca Trail & Cuzco (Peru)

15 November 2005 | Peru | Last Update 16 November 2005 | 0 Comments

Hi Guys!!!! So sorry its been ages since our last story, we had sent pics for Inca Trail but no story as things have just been crazy (Corona got sick with Typhoid Fever and then we were trying to make our way down to Buenos Aires (Argentina) quickly to go apartment hunting, and boy was that stressfu...

Puno, Arequipa (Peru)

24 October 2005 | Peru | Last Update 24 October 2005 | 0 Comments

Hi Guys, Continuing from our last story, the next (very groggy) day we caught a very nice bus with Tour to Puno in to see the other side of Lake Titicaca . It was a huge novelty to have a loo on the bus again! So it was bye bye and 3 comfortable hours later we arrived into Puno were we got a hostal ...

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