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Taken from the story listed under Argentina called "Argentina Take 3"

....The following weekend myself & Corona headed over to Uruguay . You can catch a 3 hour boat from the port in Buenos Aires to Uruguay. There’s a bus that runs too that’s a little cheaper but longer and we just couldn’t be bothered. Anyway, first stop in was the capital Montevideo . At first when we arrived in we weren’t that impressed with the city mostly because we were staying in a hostel in a not so serene or scenic place. This all changed when we met up with a girl Corona knew from the Man Investments office here, Laura. Corona had only ever spoken with her on the phone in work so this was the first time meeting her face-to-face. She was dead sound and brought us around the whole city in her car and out to the bay and that to watch the sun set and afterwards brought us to this really nice restaurant on the beach were she insisted on paying for the meal. It’s was very funny actually cos Corona had the whole restaurant looking around doing the usual Irish thing of shouting “YOUR NOT PAYING FOR THAT MEAL....NO WAY LAURA.....I´M NOT LETTING YOU DO THAT.....NO!!!.....NO!!!!.....NOOOOOOOOO!!!”. Anyway, you get the jist...very funny at the time. 

We only stayed in Montevideo for two days because it’s really just another big city so not much site seeing things to do, plus the city (the main part anyway) is quite small so you see everything worth seeing very quickly anyway. So, on the Monday we took the bus to Colonia. It’s a 2 hour bus ride west of Montevideo . The weather while we were there couldn’t have been better, Scorchio! The town itself is a maze of picturesque cobble stoned streets and mostly small white Portuguese style buildings that’s walls are covered in hanging baskets and windowsills are full of flowers as well as the iron lamps that are dotted around the town. Weeping Willow type trees hang over the central square creating an even sleepier relaxing mood in the center while there’s a huge white lighthouse that towers above all this, standing over it all. There’s a marina were everyone chills out to relax and then watch the sun come down at around 9pm. You can see some pics of it in our photos section on Uruguay.

Unfortunately, we only had one day/night in Colonia, we would have definitely liked a second. Anyway, next morning we had to be up at 4am to catch the ferry back to Buenos Aires at 5am. VERY TIRED! But we both slept on the boat back, stretched over and between 2 seats, very comfortable indeed!.....





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  • Beautiful Sunset at sea front in Colonia...
  • Hostel we stayed in Montevideo....
  • Sunset from a bar at the sea front in Colonia....
  • Sunset from top of hill in Montevideo!


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