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TangaTanga Frequently Asked Questions


What does "TangaTanga" mean?

"TangaTanga" comes from the Swahili language, and means something like "To travel from village to village, telling tales". It also can be translated simply as "travelling".


What's a TANGATANGA travel blog ?

If you're planning on travelling abroad for a longer period of time, then a TANGATANGA travelblog is a neat way to stay in touch with friends & family, or make contact with other TANGATANGA members near you.

Strictly speaking, it's your own website, where (almost) everything is organized automatically for you. So you don't need to know a thing about webdesign. You'll still have to write your own travel stories ofcourse...

TANGATANGA has been designed with the long term traveller in mind, so priorities are user-friendliness & fast uploading of photos ! That way, you can spend less time updating your site, and thus enjoy your trip more !


Why prefer TANGATANGA ?


  • TANGATANGA travelblogs have been designed with a focus on the long term traveller. You can have a look at the full list of features to learn more.
  • Make contact with other TANGATANGA travellers on the road
  • A lot of other blog systems look like 1 (sometimes gigantic) page. In contrast, a TANGATANGA travel diary is very compact (neatly organized per subject, country, ...) and easy to navigate for the readers of your travel blog
  • You don't need a technical mind whatsoever ! Uploading your photos, writing travel stories, ... it's just so easy.
    But you don't have to take our word for it : take a test-drive !
  • Blazingly fast upload/download speeds make maintaining your blog a breeze
  • The paper version of your diary can get lost or damaged. This in contrast with your TANGATANGA travelblog - we take a backup every night on our secure server.
  • After returning home from you travels, you can order an exact copy of your online travel blog as a USB stick. Show off your travel blog to friends & family, without being connected to the Internet !

Why is a TANGATANGA travel blog free ?

Because the TANGATANGA travel blog system has been built by passionate travellers, who use TANGATANGA each year themselves to maintain their own travelblog.

In the meanwhile, TANGATANGA already exists for 8 years, but it still gives us ample pleasure to see fellow travellers connect & share travel information ... 

Hey, there's nothing like a free lunch. Right ?


- It's forever free for up to 400 photos

- We display (travel related/interest-based) ads on your blog

These 2 restrictions are lifted for members

And if you want more photos, you can buy this for a small fee

This helps us to cover our costs

  • Costs for our webserver (hosting, bandwidth use, ...)
  • Cost of daily backups
  • Cost of extra hardware

If you are a TANGATANGA afficionado, but can't support financially, you can also support us in the following ways:

  • Ask us for TANGATANGA commercial flyers & post these on notice boards of youth hostels or internet cafés
  • If you know people with travel plans, tell them about the TANGATANGA travel blog system !
  • If you're running a quality travel related website, check out our exchange program
  • Zyprio bvba (the company behind TANGATANGA) builds professional websites. Contact us for an offer!

What about a TANGATANGA paid Membership? Do I need this?

No. All you need, is already included in the free package.

There's also no time restraint for free users - so in practise, you can maintain your TANGATANGA travelblog forever, without paying a penny for it.

However, TANGATANGA offers quite a lot of optional cool extra features for your blog. Have a look at the list of extra features and check out how you can pimp your travel diary.


Does TANGATANGA work on all kinds of devices?

TANGATANGA is being tested on all kinds of devices all the time
(Personal Computers, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, ...)

For Apple iPad there are a couple of caveats :

  • You'll have to use the (default) Safari browser, and javascript must be enabled
  • Another restriction is that Java is not supported on an Apple device - meaning you cannot use the "Fast Uploader"