With a little help from our friends ... who are the TANGATANGA partners ?

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Every month we'll interview a TangaTanga member. Below you'll find interviews from the past.

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Herlinde & Marc
[ Posted on jun 1, 2011 ]
We are Herlinde (51) and Marc (47), and since 2007 we have a 15-year long dream come true. We're continuously on the road for some 6 years now (starting in 2007) but nowhere near the end...

Ludo Linden (FreeAndUnlimited)
[ Posted on mei 1, 2011 ]
It's a dream finally come true. I plan to do a 5-year bicycle trip - starting in Belgium, finishing in New-Zealand. And raising awareness for 2 good causes: Handicap International & Vivir en Amor