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Herlinde & Marc

Herlinde & Marc

[ Published on : woensdag 1 juni 2011 ]

Please introduce yourself briefly.

We are Herlinde (51) and Marc (47), since 2007 we have a 15-year long dream come true now. Why we have waited this long ... first we wanted to work hard and build a savings account for this. Since February 2007 our "life journey" started, we also see it a bit like a 'half career'. In our lives we want to gain more experience than the model pattern describes : a (nice) job, house, garden, baby, and wait for your retirement to make great journeys. Since then we have traveled all countries of Central America, the northern part of South America, a piece of Europe, a piece of Asia, ...

Why is travel important to you?

We want to explore the world! For us this is a dream come true for many years, we have not regretted our decision for even a minute. Prolonged travel changes you as a person, you become stronger, you are less interested in material things, you are calmer and more social ... it is every day a little better, you get a lot of impressions, get to know a lot of people (both travelers and locals) ... in short, a wealth that nobody can take away from us!

What's your current / next project?

On May 19th, 2011 we left on a new track: Tour of Asia in + / - 18 months.

What is your greatest expectation for this trip?

In Asia, we hope to discover beautiful nature, eg. islands, primary jungle, volcanoes, mountains, and get to know and understand the different cultures , to make contact with many local people. In this context we expect to experience some unforgettable highs, as we also have experienced in Latin America.

What  countries do you definitely want to see & why?

Antarctica: an area where nature still reigns, little tourism, very special and wonderful.

Overwintering in the Arctic: a ranger station in Denali NP, Alaska, we saw once a documentary about the lives of animals and especially the wolf, during the winter. So we want to experience winter in the north, to see how people are living in such extremely harsh conditions.

Mongolia: a country that is still difficult to travel individually, the people there have very basic lives & live under harsh conditions, but they are pure, and very beautiful nature and special circumstances to travel.

Iceland: impressive nature. We have a very long list, we want to explore the world ... and so far we "only" visited 52 countries.

What do you absolutely need to take with you in your backpack?

Actually, almost all over the world you can come by, but just don't stick too much to a specific brand of a product. The trick is to travel as light as possible.

- Personal medications + a statement from your doctor that you need it (if it is a lot of medicine, eg. For longer trips) 
- General medicine: antibiotics against prolonged diarrhea, broad spectrum antibiotics, possibly malaria pills

Handy to have with, but not necessary: 
- A silk sheet sleeping bag, weighs almost nothing and is useful if there's no (clean) sheets on your beds (so no need for a sleeping bag) 
- A memory stick (+ e-mail stuff to yourself) with a scan of all important documents you might need, eg. passport, insurance contract (s), invoices, important items in your luggage, ...

What we certainly take into tropical destinations: - a mosquito net, just in case ...

Why did you choose TangaTanga for your travel blog ?

The decision that we would keep a travel blog, we took for two reasons:

1. So we should not send all acquaintances each e-mail about our adventures 
2. We ourselves will have a nice bundled memory of our travel experiences when we're finally decide to stop travelling

From the wide range of travel blogs we have reviewed, considering ease of use, layout and completeness, TangaTanga looked the best to us. A choice that we certainly do not regret, the blog functionality is regularly updated, expanded opportunities, and last but not least a perfect support.

What is your ultimate tip for those who doubt about leaving for a long trip?

Do'nt hesitate, just do it! Dreams are to be realized!

Anyone with questions about 'long travel' we recommend talk with several people that have experience. This may include contacting people through TangaTanga or WegWijzer.

[Ed.] Marc Herlinde and give occasional lectures to an audience of would-be world travelers. Last month they placed the slideshow "How to plan a long trip "on their blog - be sure to take a look if you're planning a long trip...

Got a funny travel story ?

Amusing anecdotes, so many indeed...

For example, when we visited Brazil's capital Brasilia, we were suddenly face to face with Elisabeth and Jacques, a French Canadian couple who just one year before we had met in Panama. They too are long-term travellers, but they use their own transport.

A year later, we arrived in Myanmar in a restaurant on Inle Lake, and there were Bianca and Ramon, a Dutch couple we had met 1 ½ years before in Brazil, during a stay in the Pantanal wetlands. We wonder who will be the next victims ... the world is oh so very small.

When Herlinde sat on a bus in Myanmar doing a Sudoku, she was observed by a man who wrote numbers in pencil in a dog-eared notebook. Herlinde tore some pages from her book (with solutions) and handed it to the man. He was so happy that he wanted to return his harmonica as a gift to Herlinde ...

This photo was taken in Yangon, Myanmar, where a man walked with baskets full of fruit (which is a typical picture on the street). Just at that moment the guy after him steals a piece of fruit.

herlindemarc - 11 March 2009 Yangon.jpg

Do you have anything to add to this interview?

As long as there is TangaTanga, we will continue to travel ... Enjoy life!

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