How does it work actually, setting up a TANGATANGA travelblog !??

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Terms and Conditions

A Violation of any of the below Terms of Service will result in the termination of your account, with or without warning.

TANGATANGA is a service which provides free & paid web hosting. We offer our free members up to 5Mb of web space. TANGATANGA reserves the right to cancel any account for any reason or no reason at all. TANGATANGA provides web hosting to any site that abides to our terms and conditions. TANGATANGA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. TANGATANGA users are entirely liable for all activities conducted through your account.

DISCLAIMER: Although TANGATANGA does it utmost best to provide a 100% up-and-running service, we shall not be held responsible whatsoever for any problems or data loss!

The following rules apply while using TANGATANGA services:

  • Pornographic, obscene, nude, graphically violent, and other inappropriate content is strictly prohibited.
  • Offensive and indecent directory names are not allowed and will be blocked.
  • TANGATANGA is not responsible for the content of any member homepages.
  • We reserve the right to remove any homepages that are in violation of our terms and conditions.
  • Members will be held legally responsible for the contents of their web pages for, but not limited to use of copyrighted material without the permission of the author or posting material considered indecent for minors.
  • The use of TANGATANGA blogs for illegal purposes is strictly forbidden and the homepage will be removed without notice.

TANGATANGA membership will be revoked if any of the following activities occur:

  • Adult or Pornographic related
  • Warez or Software Piracy related
  • Music Piracy Related
  • Hacking Related
  • Making available copyrighted software which has been "cracked" (e.g., copyright protection for the software has been removed)
  • Making available serial numbers for software which can be used to illegally validate or register software.
  • Making available tools which can be used for no purpose other than "cracking" software.
  • Spamming to promote your website
  • Anything related to illegal activity

We do not allow any type of programs, software, or MP3 files on our server unless you are the full owner and have all rights to the file. This includes files with the following extensions: our server .rar, .arj, .tar, .mp3 or .exe. Copyrighted files will be deleted without notice!

You and any person who has access to your account must evaluate, and bear the risk associated with, the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any Content. TANGATANGA reserves the right to remove Content which is deemed in TANGATANGA sole discretion harmful, offensive, or otherwise in violation of the Rules or any rules or policies TANGATANGA has in place at the time.

You or TANGATANGA may terminate your Account at any time for any reason. To remove your TANGATANGA site and account, login and visit your 'Account' section.

TANGATANGA will not be liable for any of its services. We have the right to cancel our service at any time, and we will not be liable for any files that are lost and/or corrupted which may occur from a system crash or hard disk failure.

To the full extent permissible under the applicable law, TANGATANGA shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use TANGATANGA services.

All users are required to have the TANGATANGA FreeBar Code on their website. This adds a very small strip at the bottom of the website saying, "This website is hosted by TANGATANGA - FREE Travel Diary with 5MB webspace!"

Other restrictions apply to all non-VIP accounts including unavailability of several site addons and extras.

In addition, sites older than 14 days that have not signed up for any VIP services or registered a domain name will automatically have advertisements inserted in the right pane of the site. Users may get rid of the ads and the FreeBar at any time by upgrading their account to VIP status at any time by signing up for any of our paid services.

All templates offered by TANGATANGA are copyrighted material. Such templates are offered for use to TANGATANGA users under license only, and are not offered for sale or unbridled use. Such license limits use of TANGATANGA templates to sites hosted by TANGATANGA. TANGATANGA templates may not be transferred to or hosted on another web host or Internet Service Provider.

Extra Policies :