Q: Why don't the monkeys in the jungle play poker any more? A: There are just too many Cheetahs.

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What others say ...

Maarten Maarten from Belgium
Hello, I am travelling on and off for the past four years now, it was always difficult to keep in touch with homefront and fellow travellers, I recently tried out your site and so far it works really great,

Dave & Corona Dave & Corona from Ireland
All of our friends have had nothing but good things to say about tangatanga! They´re all hooked and say thats its better than Lonely Planet!! That has to be good eh!! :o)

Ker & Hughes Ker & Hughes from United Kingdom
Well most of you will be a little confused that i am now emailing you with details of yet another onliner travel journal but please ignore the first one. This is the site that [we] will be using to keep you up to date with our progress. It's much more user friendly!

Dave & Corona Dave & Corona from Ireland
Overall I think the site is GRRRRREAT! [...] the concept of the website in the way that it's tailored for travellers is excellent.

michelinbrazil michelinbrazil from Belgium
It's fun, it's easy!! (mocht je nog op zoek zijn nr een slogan om tangatanga te promoten

Conrad Conrad from South Africa
I'm finding uploading pics etc to my personal web domain to be a bit tiresome, so I'm giving TangaTanga a try. Impressed so far.

jamilliah jamilliah from New Zealand
hi guys. i have to say i love your site and it's put together beautifully...

michelinbrazil michelinbrazil from Belgium
Verder nog steeds niets dan lof, I'm having fun...met tangatanga

Kurt & Nicole Kurt & Nicole from Belgium
we gaan straks Tangatanga.com op onze auto laten stickeren

Siri & Wouter Siri & Wouter from Belgium
Ik moet zeggen dat de site al enorm is geevolueerd. Zeker de verandering voor het uploaden van de foto's is super!

Stijn & Ellen Stijn & Ellen from Belgium
We hebben enorm veel plezier gehad van de website en ook veel goede reacties op gehad; De website komt professioneel over en is zeer gebruiksvriendelijk, dus keep on going...

Dave & Corona Dave & Corona from Ireland
I think the MOST important thing for me personally when using a website abroad is that the page doesn't take forever to load, especially if I'm on some 56K line in some jungle in South america!