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Australia | 0 Comments 05 June 2006 - Last Update 24 December 2006

Well the third week was the week of my birthday Wahooo you would think won’t you but Monday started with the all too familiar dreaded noise of the alarm going off meaning it was time for work aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggggghhhhhhh. We knew it was coming but seriously it came around way too fast. So have to say my job was nothing to amazing but fine money in the bank and nice people. Monday evening was spent tired on the couch watching t.v.
The next day was of course my birthday in case ye don’t know it is the 6th of June and of course this year it was the 06/06/06 yes Satan’s dialing number. Wonderful if it isn’t bad enough other people taking your birthday fun but Satan of all people come on. The release of the Omen on this date of course added to the slagging along with a bit of apprehension from my house mates as if you add my age together you get 6, minus the year I was born ’82 you get 6 and of course a worried recruitment agent point out week before that there were three sixes on my visa number a little freaky I have to say. So after a day in the office the ladies had up on a birthday party at home with balloons cake party hats and streamers have to say the older you get the more fun those things are. Of course since it was an aussie birthday the girls got me a Sydney swans jersey and tickets to there game on the Saturday night. So we headed out for a meal in Darling Harbour and a few drinks we had planned to check out a few of the pubs around where we live but as usual we got cozy in the first one thanks to free bottle of champagne and few free rounds thanks to toss the boss where you pick heads of tails with the bar person and if you get it right you get round free of charge!!!!! We meet another devil baby who was celebrating his birthday so was nice to know that I was not alone. We were very well behaved as it was a school night and headed home bout 2am. Have to say the day was lovely apart from working and no sign of any Satan funny business.
Wednesday work home and vegging on the couch, Thursday brought more free champagne in Establishment. Then it was the weekend. On Saturday evening donned in my new Jersey we headed for the Sydney Swans game missing out on the second half of Ireland V New Zealand. Now I have to say the weather was horrible it was bucketing down so much so that our beers were getting diluted under our ponchos which I a little depressing! But we braved it into the third quarter where we gave up and headed for the shelter at top of stands. Swans unfortunately were beaten, so wet and defeated we headed for the warmth of P.J O’Briens were a few refreshments helped us dry out and lighten our sprits.
Sunday came around and it was time of worship again as the Swans and Ireland had been defeated on Saturday we went to the temple that is Olympic stadium to bear witness to the Wallabies take on our old foes England. I have to say was little unsure who to support before the match but when it came to the time of face painting and it was a toss between the union jack and green and gold I had to go for the latter! The match was nothing spectacular but It was amazing to see the Wallabies play to a home crowd and win. We of course headed for refreshments after with our mouths parched from shouting. Then of course seeing as it was my birthday week the aussies gave us a bank holiday on which to recover from the celebrations.  Well done Australia all round.





Photo albums from Australia

Surf Divas (23)

23 October 2006 | Australia | Last Update 13 October 2006

  • Helen taking a well earned rest - she managed to s
  • Pro Surfers? Pro posers more like....
  • More yoga
  • And the night goes on....

Quad Biking (17)

07 October 2006 | Australia | Last Update 07 October 2006

  • Gary and his Quad Bike

Home and Away (11)

06 October 2006 | Australia | Last Update 17 September 2006

  • How famous is this beach path and fence?!
  • Grainne and Aisling hoping to be spotted and taken
  • Gra and Em

Foo Fighters concert (5)

05 October 2006 | Australia | Last Update 05 October 2006

  • The band
  • Solo moment
  • Recognise him?

A Day At The Races (40)

30 September 2006 | Australia | Last Update 30 September 2006

  • Artistic style photo taken by Chuck if I remember
  • Chuck,Aileen&Sal
  • Brid smiles for camera!!
  • Ole, Ole, Ole!!

Neighbours in Sydney (5)

24 September 2006 | Australia | Last Update 24 September 2006

  • Aisling STEPH SKULLY!! and Emily
  • Aisling Ned and Emily
  • Toady and Grainne
  • Toady makes his mark

Bondi beach (4)

23 September 2006 | Australia | Last Update 23 September 2006

  • Beach bums nursing hangovers
  • Denise, Grainne, Lorna and Helen (who is not naked
  • Bondi beach pre shark warning
  • Helicopter circles over head to scare shark away f

Canberra (12)

02 September 2006 | Australia | Last Update 01 September 2006

  • Aboriginal Tent Embassy
  • View
  • Ailsing guarding the Old Parliament House

Trapeze Lsson (9)

26 August 2006 | Australia | Last Update 26 August 2006

  • Laura preparing to jump and Anoop getting dizzy at
  • Mid flight - trying to get my legs up on the trape
  • The Trapeze Group - Gary, the Gymnast couple ( I k

City to Surf (7)

18 August 2006 | Australia | Last Update 13 August 2006

  • Emily and 63,000 other City to Surfers - can you s
  • Apparently the 14km line of red hats could be seen
  • More shots of people on the day
  • The sea of Red - and no it's not Cork fans.

Blue Mountains (13)

08 August 2006 | Australia | Last Update 08 August 2006

  • The Three Sisters Rock Formation

Tasmania (8)

23 July 2006 | Australia | Last Update 21 July 2006

  • Getting ready to go out
  • Men at work
  • Una, Emily and Lorna
  • View

Minus 5 Bar in Sydney (6)

11 July 2006 | Australia | Last Update 11 July 2006

  • Jacqui - fellow citigrouper
  • Emily and Ada
  • Una and Lorna snuggle up
  • Ice sculptures

Bondi to Coogee walk (15)

01 July 2006 | Australia | Last Update 01 July 2006

  • Una and Lorna

Sydney (16)

17 June 2006 | Australia | Last Update 06 June 2006

  • View of Sydney Opera House and Harbour bridge from
  • Una, Emily & Lorna enjoying glass of wine outside
  • Sydney Opera House

Melbourne (52)

20 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 15 May 2006

  • Melbourne fans cheer their team on
  • James Blunt lookalike? No?
  • And the celebrations keep on goin....
  • Town Hall - taken from inside tram

Great Ocean Road (3)

12 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 12 May 2006

Adelaide (2)

10 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 10 May 2006

  • The Ace's Bar - Adelaide

Perth (11)

08 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 01 May 2006

  • "Skulls" bringing up the rear!!
  • Bennys Bar Freemantle!
  • Inside "Mister Hard"
  • Post Office Perth

Busselton (4)

07 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 07 May 2006

  • Me on the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere
  • Nice wheels Em!
  • View from the jetty
  • Busselton Bay

Albany (5)

05 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 05 May 2006

  • Be careful!
  • Natural Bridge
  • Grainne&Emily on a mission!
  • Amazing Views!

Walpole (7)

04 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 04 May 2006

  • The Tree-Top walk in the Valley of Giants
  • Size obviously doesn't matter to Gra!!
  • Posers!!
  • Grainne after listening to the silence

Pemberton (3)

04 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 04 May 2006

  • Climbing the tree in Gloucester
  • Tree (40m high!)
  • Pretty Birds

Margarets River (S.W Australia) (14)

02 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 02 May 2006

  • Wine-tasting - Xanadu Winery
  • Aisling at Riverside Camping Site
  • Earning my wine-tasting!
  • Peacock

Perth - Cottesloe Beach (8)

30 April 2006 | Australia | Last Update 30 April 2006

  • Grainne diving into (freezing cold) Indian Ocean!
  • Lorna, Grainne and Aisling
  • Me outside OBH
  • Lorna & Gra on beach


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