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Australia | 0 Comments 04 October 2006 - Last Update 24 December 2006

              SOUNDS OF SYDNEY

Although our time in Sydney was relatively short (could stay another year easy!!) we still found time to take in some quality gigs (as described myjealous brother – Hi Shane!). First off:


As the rest of the gals had decided to jet off to Tasmania for the weekend myself and Grainne decided to keep ourselves entertained with this group of scousers! The Gaelic Club was our destination this Friday night – the 21st of July. We positioned ourselves right at the top and had excellent view. When they came on they didn’t fail to please at all – and played all our favourites – those being Zuton Fever, Confusion and Remember Me. As this was nearly four months ago at this stage I’m afraid I can’t remember much more. All I know is we left well impressed and would recommend them to everyone – brilliant live act!!!




Our busy weekend, which comprised of Grainne’s birthday, The Races and Lornas aussie farewell started on the Friday night with this Hard Fi concert (29th September 2006). Myself, Grainne and Emily headed to Enmore theatre this time in Newtown, Sydney and arrived just in time for the headliners themselves. We were really lucky with seats (not that we did much sitting in the end) and were right at the front on the balcony! Brid,Cathy,Ruth and Hilary from the Athlone crew were there aswell but there was no time for chit-chat – there was some seriously good music that needed our attention. Known mainly for their lifestyle ad song “Livin for the Weekend” (which was saved for the encore surprise! Surprise!!) they played other classic tunes from their album “Stars of CCTV” like “Hard to Beat”, Cash Machine, Better Do Better, Stars of CCTV and some really good newbies too! Another great choice if I may say so myself and even Emily who wasn’t that well acquainted with this London band beforehand had a great night



4th October 2006 – We couldn’t believe our luck when we got tickets for this gig the day before – Foo Fighters – Acoustic Session in the Opera House no less!!! As we had been meaning to catch a show there and time was quickly running out on us it was two birds with the one stone!! So this Wednesday evening after work myself, Grainne, Emily, Helen, Cathy and Brid made our way down to circular quay to the famous Sydney Opera House. Now I had heard rumours before that the inside was mingin in comparison to the world famous exterior blah, blah blah – but in my humble opinion it’s just as fab inside. Our seats were actually behind the band on stage, which we thought would be a bummer but far from it!! We had an amazing view of the huge audience and the theatre itself and were so near to the band I feel that me and the drummer Taylor Hawkins should be on first-name terms now! Words cannot explain how good this gig was – they were AMAZING!!! Loved every single song and the lads themselves kept us amused with their antics in between songs! It was so good that I wasn’t even slightly aggrieved that one of my favourite foo-fighters – “Learn to Fly” didn’t appear on their set-list. Now try to imagine/visualize “Best of You” just Dave Grohl and his guitar??? You think it wouldn’t work without drums for that extra effect but it worked alright and everyone else there would agree with me – we were in complete awe!!!







Photo albums from Australia

Surf Divas (23)

23 October 2006 | Australia | Last Update 13 October 2006

  • Pensive yoga instructor
  • Watching the waves
  • Lying down is so much easier....
  • More yoga

Quad Biking (17)

07 October 2006 | Australia | Last Update 07 October 2006

Home and Away (11)

06 October 2006 | Australia | Last Update 17 September 2006

  • Gra and Em
  • Gra and Em, waiting for Kym to run past....waiting
  • Grainne and Aisling hoping to be spotted and taken

Foo Fighters concert (5)

05 October 2006 | Australia | Last Update 05 October 2006

  • Solo moment
  • The band
  • Recognise him?
  • The Foo Fighters play a special acoustic set to 'h

A Day At The Races (40)

30 September 2006 | Australia | Last Update 30 September 2006

  • Emily(attempting to keep randomer out of photo),Gr
  • "And the nation holds it's breath" - watchin Itali
  • My attempt at catching horses as they cross finish
  • Check out the white shoes!

Neighbours in Sydney (5)

24 September 2006 | Australia | Last Update 24 September 2006

  • Toady makes his mark
  • Grainne and Ned
  • Toady and Grainne
  • Aisling Ned and Emily

Bondi beach (4)

23 September 2006 | Australia | Last Update 23 September 2006

  • Denise, Grainne, Lorna and Helen (who is not naked
  • Helicopter circles over head to scare shark away f
  • Beach bums nursing hangovers
  • Bondi beach pre shark warning

Canberra (12)

02 September 2006 | Australia | Last Update 01 September 2006

  • View
  • War Memorial
  • ANZAC Memorial
  • View from War Memorial

Trapeze Lsson (9)

26 August 2006 | Australia | Last Update 26 August 2006

  • Refusing to let go of the ropes!!
  • Grasping the trapeze and thinking OH SH*T.........
  • Cacking my pants at the height of the board!
  • Mid flight - trying to get my legs up on the trape

City to Surf (7)

18 August 2006 | Australia | Last Update 13 August 2006

  • Emily and 63,000 other City to Surfers - can you s
  • And they are off!
  • Can you see me? Satellite photo. Don't I look well
  • Apparently the 14km line of red hats could be seen

Blue Mountains (13)

08 August 2006 | Australia | Last Update 08 August 2006

Tasmania (8)

23 July 2006 | Australia | Last Update 21 July 2006

  • View from a cafe we stopped in in Dunally on the w
  • View
  • Emily and Lorna
  • Getting ready to go out

Minus 5 Bar in Sydney (6)

11 July 2006 | Australia | Last Update 11 July 2006

  • Jacqui - fellow citigrouper
  • Una and Lorna snuggle up
  • Ice Chandaliers!
  • Ice Chandaliers!

Bondi to Coogee walk (15)

01 July 2006 | Australia | Last Update 01 July 2006

Sydney (16)

17 June 2006 | Australia | Last Update 06 June 2006

  • Emily in the party mood!
  • Lorna and Aisling
  • Bats

Melbourne (52)

20 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 15 May 2006

  • Some more views of the skyline
  • Uggghhh (why do we do this to ourselves?)
  • And the celebrations keep on goin....
  • Una&Em

Great Ocean Road (3)

12 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 12 May 2006

Adelaide (2)

10 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 10 May 2006

  • The Ace's Bar - Adelaide

Perth (11)

08 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 01 May 2006

  • Lorna&Gra "proudly" stand by their wicked van!
  • The McGinnleys - sorry I mean Grainne,Una&Lorna!!!
  • Gra in Mister Hard
  • Classy birds drinking wine out of plastic yellow m

Busselton (4)

07 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 07 May 2006

  • View from the jetty
  • Nice wheels Em!
  • Me on the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere
  • Busselton Bay

Albany (5)

05 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 05 May 2006

  • Be careful!
  • Natural Bridge
  • Serious Waves!
  • Amazing Views!

Walpole (7)

04 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 04 May 2006

  • Posers!!
  • Back on the ground under the giant tingle tree!
  • Lorna follows fortune tellers advice and grounds h
  • Size obviously doesn't matter to Gra!!

Pemberton (3)

04 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 04 May 2006

  • Climbing the tree in Gloucester
  • Pretty Birds
  • Tree (40m high!)

Margarets River (S.W Australia) (14)

02 May 2006 | Australia | Last Update 02 May 2006

  • Una & Emily at Brewery
  • Beer-tasting
  • Emily squelching the grapes
  • Una,Em,Lorna&Gra before sumptious bar-b-q

Perth - Cottesloe Beach (8)

30 April 2006 | Australia | Last Update 30 April 2006

  • Lorna & Gra on beach
  • Swimming
  • Lorna, Grainne and Aisling
  • Me & Gra's index finger!


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