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Hey these are few little bits of information which we wished we had known before setting off!!

  • Don't bring any white clothes for everyday wear sunscreen is bitch to get out.
  • Don't trust anyone who approaches you in street and gives you unsolicated advice about tourist attractions, they are more than likely lying.
  • Bring sunscreen with you - it's quite expensive over here and you rarely find a bargain
  • If you have room, bring a travel iron, wrinkled clothes are not fun.
  • If you are travelling in South East Asia outside of Thailand bring U.S. dollars as they are widely accepted.   Make sure you get small bills ($20 being the largest) as they often give you the change in the local currency.
  • Try and get a rucksack that is not a toploading one so you don't have to empty the whole thing to get that T-Shirt that is at the bottom  - you can buy them in Bangkok for 20 Euro so don't spend a fortune on one before you leave home. (And wheels on the rucksack are really handy).
  • Bring loose fitting clothing - you will not want to wear a tight T-Shirt when it is 35oC plus and you are sweating from every pore.
  • You can buy almost anything over here from Bikinis to Tank Tops to Shoes - try not to over pack because you WILL buy loads once you get here - it's so cheap!
  • Buy loads in Bangkok and post it home - just post it, you will love it when you get back home.  If you are going to Chiang Mai in North Thailand, wait and buy everything there as it is a good bit cheaper (and the market is better) than Bangkok, but Bangkok is still good.



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