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It would appear that you all have very short term memories and can never seem to remember where we are at the moment  (Hello Emily - so what's New Zealand like? - Er I wouldn't know because I have NEVER BEEN MUM!!) even though all we ever feel like we are doing is regurgitating our itineraries to people over and over. It has become so natural to do this we have almost started including it in our little introduction speeches, for example:-

Hi my name's Aisling-I-am-leaving-Sydney-in-2-weeks,heading-up-the-
coast-for-3-weeks-then-going-on-to-New-Zealand-for-6-weeks-then-heading-to-South-America-for-a-while-before-we-make-our-way-home-via-Brazil-and-the-Mardi-Gra-celebrations-Carroll. And mine's pint. So, what's your name? 

(FYI - Gra, Aisling and Emily are in Sydney, while Lorna is on the north island in New Zealand!)

So, here's a little something to help you track us (anything to assist the stalkers): -

  • February 27th 2006        Aisling, Emily, Grainne and Lorna forcibly removed from Ireland and landed in Bangkok. We spent 2 months traveling round Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
  • April 24th 2006                Landed in Singapore
  • April 28th 2006                Arrived in Perth, Australia
  • September 9th 2006      Lorna travels the east coast of Australia for 2 weeks
  • October 5th 2006            Lorna arrives in New Zealand         
  • October 27th 2006          Aisling, Emily and Grainne fly to Cairns
  • November 20th 2006     Aisling, Emily and Grainne join Lorna in New Zealand landing in Christchurch and flying to Auckland on November 21st 2006.
  • December 18th 2006      Karen Lewis joins the Awesome Foursome for Christmas & New Year
  • January 7th 2007            Emily and Aisling fly to Santiago, Chile
  • January 20th 2007          Lorna and Grainne fly to Santiago, Chile
  •  End of February 2007    We all arrive back in the Emerald Isle!  

Hope this helps! Em     



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