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Ola Amigos!
Aisling and I have arrived in Chile safe and sound, if a little jet lagged. (We actually arrived in Santiago 3 hours before we left New Zealand on January 7th 2006 - so we are time travellers!) The flight over from New Zealand was seriously crowded and leg room was as hard to come by as a decent drink at an AA meeting - but, being the Troopers that we are, we survived and ended up watching films for the duration of the flight (The Devil Wears Prada - 6 out of 10 and that´s generous, My Super Ex-Girlfriend  which I think was made to illustrate to aspiring film students the definition of an appalling film and John Tucker Must Die  - the best of a bad bunch it gained extra points for some scrumptuous eye candy - hello Mr. Gardender!)

We landed and were immediately surrounded by a million ´helpful´ Airport Stewards who, after making a phonecall to the Hostel we wanted to stay at to make a reservation for us (how nice of them!) carried our bags to a waiting shuttle bus (cue Aisling running after one of the men who had my handbag which she was sure he was going to rob - she wasn´t far off the mark there...) How nice again! 

The shuttle never appeared but a taxi pulled up and we were ushered into it, being reassured that it would be the same price as the shuttle.  Once in, we were told that we had to pay before we left the airport... Now this may all seem a little suss when you put it all together but they seemed so nice, and we were so jet lagged and could barely walk straight for lack of sleep never mind think straight and wouldn´t you know, we ended up handing over an exorbanant amount of money because we were confused about the exchange rate.  I blame myself really.  What an idiot.... the problem is we are too trusting - you just don´t think people are going to be so malicious!  Ah well, live and learn.  Atleast we can warn Lorna and Grainne about such scams so they won´t be duped in the same way. 

We arrived at our Hostel - La Casa Roja - met a lovely English girl called Becky who had just landed from the same flight as us and after a brief chat, in which we learned that we had practically travelled to the same places for the same amount of time and lived in Sydney at the same time - small small world, we headed for bed and some long overdue sleep.  We managed to sleep for something like 16 hours (but we can justify this on account of already having lived through January 7th 2006 so we knew what would happen anyway....) and awoke at the crack of dawn, maybe even earlier, before getting up at 7am for some yummy breakfast and fabulously strong Chilean coffee.

With some food in our stomachs and a good long rest, the three of us (me, Aisling and LP - the Lonel Planet who we don´t leave house without) we set off to see what Santiago had to offer us. 

Ciao for now! Emily





Photo albums from Chile

Vina Del Mar (4)

14 January 2007 | Chile | Last Update 14 January 2007

  • Aisling and the Vina Del Mar Coast line
  • Aisling and clock
  • Emily and the Vina Del Mar Coast line
  • Emily and the famous Vina Del Mar Clock in the flo


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