Santiagos┬┤ second chance

08 January 2007 | Last Update 18 January 2007

OK, Day 2 in Santiago. We awoke at the but-crack of dawn on account of having slept for about 14 hours and after a small but yummy breakfast in the Hostel accompanied by some potently strong coffee (not that we needed the caffeine but a little extra buzz goes along way), we decided to enquire w...

I blame the jet lag....

07 January 2007 | Last Update 09 January 2007

Ola Amigos! Aisling and I have arrived in Chile safe and sound, if a little jet lagged. (We actually arrived in Santiago 3 hours before we left New Zealand on January 7th 2006 - so we are time travellers!) The flight over from New Zealand was seriously crowded and leg room was as hard to come b...

Vina Del Mar (4)

14 January 2007 | Last Update 14 January 2007

  • Aisling and clock
  • Aisling and the Vina Del Mar Coast line
  • Emily and the famous Vina Del Mar Clock in the flo
  • Emily and the Vina Del Mar Coast line
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