Sampling the Singapore Slings in Singapore

24 April 2006 | Last Update 22 June 2006

SINGAPORE With a ridiculous amount of luggage for four people we said our goodbyes to Khoa San Rd on a Monday Morning and headed off to the Airport. Terrified at how expensive Singapore was going to be in comparison to the brilliantly cheap Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos we had ourselves all p...

General (3)

27 April 2006 | Last Update 03 December 2010

  • Buckle up girls!!
  • Reverse bungee Jump!! (Em & Lorna)
  • Cheesy grins all round for the 1st photo with my b

Raffles for a Singapore Sling! (4)

26 April 2006 | Last Update 26 April 2006

  • Raffles Hotel (very posh!)
  • Gra outside Raffles
  • With our Singapore Slings in hotel this cocktail w
  • Gra and Lorna

Sentosa Island (18)

26 April 2006 | Last Update 26 April 2006

  • There he is!
  • This is actual skin of spider-crab
  • Fountain and Merlion
  • More dolphins

Reverse Bungee Jump

26 April 2006

Lorna and Emily did this reverse bungee jump on Clarkes Quay in Singapore one night!


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