Feels like home....

22 April 2006 | Last Update 26 May 2006

Ah Bangkok, the place that where it all began and to where we returned after the gruelling-backpacking-roughing-it 2 month extravaganza.  We have returned to civilisation and more importantly the shopping on Khoa san road where we could buy all those things that we forgot to buy first time...

One Day Trek/Marathon, Chaing Mai

22 April 2006 | Last Update 08 May 2006

I am just going to start by saying this was my idea (Emily) and I take full repsonsilbilty for the pain that we all went through, ok?  Now that is out of the way I will tell you why I thought a trip with the word "trek" in was a good idea. We met this randomn German lad in Ko Pangnang...

Thai Massage Lorna's New talent

20 April 2006 | Last Update 09 May 2006

Well having heard Miss Claire Whelan rave about Thai massage and having had a few on my travels so far I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to do it. So I headed off to my instructor Timmy's house, where she basically told me I was a bit naive to think I could learn all there was to learn ...

cooking up a storm in chiang mai

18 April 2006 | Last Update 09 May 2006

Well as a few of ye know we all signed up for a thai cooking courses. now I am sure mothers reading this are delighted at how we are not only travelling the world but bettering ourselves while we are at it. so we were picked up form our Guesthouse at 9.30am and taken to thai market the one for the l...

Songkran in Chiang Mai

14 April 2006 | Last Update 09 May 2006

Well we arrived in Chiang Mai some of us still a little wet from soakings in Loas! But got to our guesthouse (with a pool!) to find they had never heard of us imgaine! a no they had no record of our booking so after bit of negoitating we got a room for a cheaper rate, that meet all our needs and we ...


21 March 2006 | Last Update 01 April 2006

Phuket - what can we say about Phuket? We arrived on this large island which was infested with tourist on package holidays after the beauty and tranquility of the other islands. Can you sense where I am going with this? Ah no it wasnt as bad as all that but I ( Emily) would tell you to avoid it.&nbs...

Swimming with the fishes....

20 March 2006 | Last Update 20 March 2006

I am pleased to announce that Lorna and mysef (Emily) are alive and well and have survived the shark escapade unscathed. We rose at 6am to meet our snorkelling guides and a few other randomers (whose names we did not catch given the early hour of our meeting and our inability to utter more than grun...

Koh Phi Phi

19 March 2006 | Last Update 19 March 2006

Hello All, Well as Aisling Mention we left Koh Phangan and headed for Koh Phi Phi. The journey included a taxi to boat then a "SLOW" boat to the port on main land. this journey took seven hours very slow i have to say. we then stopped off for breakfast where we were picked up by bus and br...

Farewell Koh Phangan

15 March 2006 | Last Update 18 March 2006

After a few days of basically sleeping, eating, sleeping, sunbathing, sleeping some more we decided to actually get up off our backsides and do some sightseeing. So on Monday we headed off to Thong Sala the main town on the island (we were staying in Haad Rin) by saghnthaaw - basically an upgrade fr...


09 March 2006 | Last Update 15 March 2006

Greetings Voyeurs,  After the write off that was the day after Ailsings birthday (nothing to do with me people despite what may have been implied - I was up for an early morning jog but there were no takers so alas, I returned to my bed....) we decided that Thursday was to be a day of acti...

Arrival in Kho Pha Ngan and Aisling/the Ace's BDay

07 March 2006 | Last Update 14 March 2006

Hello All,  I think you can see a pattern emerging here; we are having too much of a good time to actually sit down at a computer and write about it a consequently our updates have become less detailed and less frequent, but don't despair. I, Grainne, will fill you in on our first couple o...

Koh Samui

06 March 2006 | Last Update 14 March 2006

Hey all, Sorry about lack of updating but we are a little taken by the relaxing pace of life around the islands i have to say is very nice. So Koh Samui, well i thought it was a little too western kinda like resort in spain. But the beaches are a lot nicer than spain. on our first night there we fel...

Last day in Banghok/ Journey to Khao Sumai

05 March 2006 | Last Update 05 March 2006

Hey all Lorna here, well as aisling mentioned day 4 in Banghok was a major write off we did manage to head out for food a long lunch followed by some shopping then some more rest. we headed out for food in the evening have to say loving the thai food even with a starbucks, mcdonalds and burger king ...


04 March 2006 | Last Update 04 March 2006

Day Two in Bangkok and we all thought it was time we saw some "culture" before we could justify endless shopping.  After a quick and early (yes early - aren't we good to get up at a decent hour when on holiday?) dip in the pool we headed off to investigate accomodation in the famous K...

Thailand - Journey to Bangkok

03 March 2006 | Last Update 05 March 2006

Please be aware that this website is currently under construction, and because the constructors are either sunbathing or sleeping there may be a slight delay in updating the information (90% of the time) We (Aisling/the Ace, Emily, Grainne & Lorna) set off from Dublin airport on Monday afternoon...

Th Khao San!!

02 March 2006 | Last Update 14 March 2006

Hello all! Aisling here making her debut as blog keeper for this particular day. Have to say I'm quite nervous after reading Grainne and Emilys in depth descriptions of our trip so far. Please don't expect the same here I've got 10 minutes! Okay so on day 3 em and lorna began the day by heading off ...

Chiang Mai (17)

18 April 2006 | Last Update 17 April 2006

  • Our trekking group
  • Aisling and Lorna atop their elephant
  • Emily crossing the bamboo bridge which was very sh
  • Thai Cooking Course - Market we were taken to to g

Bangkok (38)

22 March 2006 | Last Update 01 March 2006

  • They're hungry!
  • Yes that is an ELELPHANT in the pub!!
  • The detail up close....amazing!

Koh Phangnan (8)

21 March 2006 | Last Update 09 March 2006

  • Aisling and Lorna and the sunbather...
  • Trip to Waterfall: Aisling and Lorna return from t
  • Mui Thai Boxing - The contestants line up and flex
  • Oldest Buddhist Temple on Koh Phangan

Koh Phi Phi (7)

17 March 2006 | Last Update 17 March 2006

  • Our patriotic T-Shirts got us loads of hugs that n
  • View from our beach bar where we started the celeb
  • Koh Phi Phi on Paddy's day
  • Koh Phi Phi on Paddy's day
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