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Ireland | 0 Comments 22 February 2006 - Last Update 22 February 2006

Hello All,
Well it is only a dew days now till we jet off so decided it is about time to actually set up the website. Today all four of us are offically unemployed with emily finishing up work today. Going to keep this short and sweet as have been on P.C for hours at this stage. Will hopefully get to upload pictures of going away parties etc. in a day or two.





Photo albums from Ireland

Airport (2)

27 February 2006 | Ireland | Last Update 27 February 2006

  • Bye!
  • Lorna,Aisling and Grainne - all set2go!

Very last night in Dub (5)

19 February 2006 | Ireland | Last Update 19 February 2006

  • Ais&Gra
  • Grainne & the girls!
  • Aisling looks like she couldn't care less (Hungove
  • Emily is sad2say goodbye 2our fave restaurant!!

Goodbye to Dublin (Party!) (12)

18 February 2006 | Ireland | Last Update 18 February 2006

  • Gra opens the bubbly!!
  • ...and again (who had too much time on their hands
  • Our amazing art-work with balloons!!!
  • Carol, Helen and Ruth


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