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Thailand | 0 Comments 06 March 2006 - Last Update 14 March 2006

Hey all,
Sorry about lack of updating but we are a little taken by the relaxing pace of life around the islands i have to say is very nice. So Koh Samui, well i thought it was a little too western kinda like resort in spain. But the beaches are a lot nicer than spain. on our first night there we felt  like heading out after numerous nap's. the island is noturious for pole dancing (according to lonely planet guide) so thought it would be unjust of us not to check out. we arrive in one establishment not to find pole dancing but rather games of connect four and jenga entertaining! the pole dancing did start but have to say i have seen better moves in athlone. we ended up in the green mango (to anyone going to Koh Samui it is the place to go) good mix of music and people. of course due to our whiteness of colour we attracted other irish people. It finished up rather early for our liking but think we may need to head out a bit earlier. On our second day we headed for the beach. some of us reclined in the shaded perfering to stay pale and intresting in our factor 40. and others lay out. water i have to say had some rather stronger under currents to watch out for. we headed out for dinner in look of something different tried a Indian was not that great considering how close we are to india had better in ireland. we booked our tickets for ferry to Koh Phangan for next day and then lounged in bar for the evening watching dvd's.
well i am going to sign off
Chat soon
P.S thanks for messages keep them coming





Photo albums from Thailand

Chiang Mai (17)

18 April 2006 | Thailand | Last Update 17 April 2006

  • Aisling and Lorna atop their elephant
  • Emily crossing the bamboo bridge which was very sh
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  • Spring rolls and a Thai Beef Salad

Bangkok (38)

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  • Em, Lorna & Ais
  • Dinner in Khoasan Road

Koh Phangnan (8)

21 March 2006 | Thailand | Last Update 09 March 2006

  • Emily swimming - not the most photengenic pose
  • The contestants line up and flex their muscles bef
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Koh Phi Phi (7)

17 March 2006 | Thailand | Last Update 17 March 2006

  • Grainne, Lorna and Aisling
  • Ah yes, a cool beer on a hot day
  • Koh Phi Phi on Paddy's day
  • Gra with her pint of the black stuff


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