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Phuket - what can we say about Phuket?
We arrived on this large island which was infested with tourist on package holidays after the beauty and tranquility of the other islands. Can you sense where I am going with this? Ah no it wasnt as bad as all that but I ( Emily) would tell you to avoid it.  I don't think the rest of the girls would be quite so harsh but you will have to ask them what they thought. Despite the inital impressions we had some memorable experiences...
The Guide Book advise us to stay in Phuket town (as the architechture was meant to be interesting having been heavily influenced by the Indo-China trade route), rather than on one of the beachside resorts and we probably made the right choice.  We also decided to stay in a Hotel - the first one since we arrived in Bangkok a month previous and enjoyed a slice of luxury for two nights - cable TV ( yes we watched MTV) air conditioning and an actual bathroom with a toilet you could flush toilet paper down!! It doesn't get much better than this!!
The first night, after walking around looking at the architechture of the town during the day (the only thing we could find to do) we followed signs for live music in what was turning out to be a dead town (it took us a while to even find a decent looking bar!) and chanced our arm heading into a rather posh looking club.  It was relativley quiet when we went in (although beautifully air conditioned) and we noticed that we and one very drunk Canadian were the only westeners. The live music was a series of what I can only assume are resident singers with the club who took turns on stage, sometimes singing together in duos, with the band or solo.  One very entertaining guy (well,  the crowd loved him but he was speaking in Thai so I have no idea at what level of funny to place him) mixed his singing (I use the term ligtly when referring to him) with a comedy routine. Another girl insisted upon trying to make Britneys Oops! I did it again a rap song while some other singers were actually really good. The place (called CT2) slowly filled up with Thais and seemed to be the  place to be in Phuket. All in all a very sereal but entertaining night.
The next day we potted around the island again - Ailsing got a bus to the beach and shopped and hung out there for the day while the rest of us milled around the town again.
That evening we went to one of the resort areas to go out and have dinner. Dinner was yummy  - unfortunately we attracted some attention from a group of Thai lads sitting near us who insisted on sending red roses over to the table for us and then continued to stare and smile encouragingly/hopefully (?) until we left. At the point of departure Lorna and I pegged it embarrassed at the whole debacle while Aisling and Grainne were caught and stayed to politely chat to the admirers to learn that the lads were Airforce pilots in town for the weekend.... The rest of the night as spent sipping cocktails in an Ozzie Bar while people watching (the lady-boys in this town were very glam).  The next day we got a bus to Siem Reap in Cambodia.





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