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Thailand | 0 Comments 20 April 2006 - Last Update 09 May 2006

Well having heard Miss Claire Whelan rave about Thai massage and having had a few on my travels so far I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to do it. So I headed off to my instructor Timmy's house, where she basically told me I was a bit naive to think I could learn all there was to learn about thai massage in one day seeing as she had studied it over five years. She then convinced me that a day course in foot massage was more worth while as can learn it all in a day, even a bit of reflexology and show me a few back massage techniques. 
Now people may not know this I am not a huge fan of feet so I was not to happy with this but went along with it. She was great teacher she did it on my feet first then I practiced on her feet. I had to colour in the pressure points of the feet in on a book so it was bit like being back at school trying to keep in the lines. was shown the different points on the feet the correspond with different parts of the body. 
So by the end of the day I was able to preform a forty minute foot and leg massage and do a bit of back massage. I have a cert to put up on the wall as well as a wallet size cert so I can now shout in my best thai accent " You wan thai foot massage?" Of course when I got back to the guesthouse I was convinced by emily and grainne that I needed to practice and seeing as they are my friends they volunteered as guinea pigs. They didn't cry at all and are both still talking to me so it mustn't have been that bad.






Photo albums from Thailand

Chiang Mai (17)

18 April 2006 | Thailand | Last Update 17 April 2006

  • Aisling and Lorna atop their elephant
  • Thai Cooking Course - Market we were taken to to g
  • Market
  • Emily cooking

Bangkok (38)

22 March 2006 | Thailand | Last Update 01 March 2006

  • Our Form of Transport
  • Enjoying our roof-top pool!
  • Emily in front of very fancy gold thingy

Koh Phangnan (8)

21 March 2006 | Thailand | Last Update 09 March 2006

  • Aisling and Emily strike a pose
  • Trip to Waterfall: Aisling and Lorna return from t
  • Oldest Buddhist Temple on Koh Phangan
  • Aisling and Lorna and the sunbather...

Koh Phi Phi (7)

17 March 2006 | Thailand | Last Update 17 March 2006

  • Koh Phi Phi on Paddy's day
  • View from our beach bar where we started the celeb
  • Gra with her pint of the black stuff
  • Ah yes, a cool beer on a hot day


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