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Well we as Emily said bit of a problem getting transport from Saigon . So we after a very fun day in the water park we headed for our bus to Nha Trang.  We got the back seat of the bus but since we are a little older than our school days it was not by choice as the seat moved forward and squeaked with every bump and turn. Emily and grainne tried there damnest to sleep by sticking in their mp3 players and closing their eyes. Aisling and I we unable to do so with the blinding headlights of the on coming cars as we drove on the incorrect side of the road while over taking numerous trucks. Bit scary in places but we did arrive safe and sound in our destination at the early am hours and made our way to guesthouse. We had a little nap and awoke at a more human hour and decided that a day of relaxing was called for on the beach. Some of us stayed cool and pale in the shade of our beach umbrellas others didn't stay so pale!
The water was cool to say the least and a severe drop three feet from the shore. The waves we dangerous as grainne discover when trying to get out they threw her against the sand which produced an ugly looking graze. We then decided since we were so stressed out to use some of our gift money to get massages. These we relaxing in places and damn right sore at times but still we can't really complain. Except for the women who got great laugh out of our pale skin. some of the more self hating in the group namely Emily and grainne decided to get their legs treaded. This consisted of cutting the hair on your legs with tread!!!!!
After a day on the beach we headed for food and refreshments ending up in the sailing club which I have to say was a very classy establishment something we have not been to in a while. Unfortuately we had to retire rather early due to fact we had to catch a train at
6am the next morning. So nag trang was all in all a lovely stop off one which we all wished we had more time there but next stop Hanoi .





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