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Bosnia Herzegowina | 0 Comments 19 May 2009 - Last Update 19 May 2009

 We have arrived in the 4th country of our trip and this seems to be getting better! We took a bus from Belgrade and while smoking, eating and talking on the phone the bus driver drove up and down the narrow mountain roads. Abit of a looney, but we arrived safe and sound in Sarajevo - and liked it straight away. It is surrounded by green mountains, from which the houses seem to spill into the valley. There is a mixture of mosques, churches, small sidestreet, big roads, small wooden houses, big houses from the times of the Monarchy - anything you want. people are very friendly and helpful, everyone speaks English and they surely have a sense for business.
We looked for a place to sleep and we ended up in what seems to be a barbershop-turned-flat. It was right by the road, and instead of the barber chairs and all, there were 2 beds thrown in there and you could pull the curtains to cover the enormous shop window, which showed our opening times, 9.00-20.00 on weekdays. There was a toilet and a shower squeezed into a miniscule backroom and some kind of counter with a sink behind. We slept better than we thought we would, but we decided to ask our host for a different room, after all it is a bit strange to sleep on road level with nothing but a window seperating you from traffic and passers-by.
We went to explore Sarajevo a bit today and it is really an amazing place. The before mentioned mix gives it a particular charm. In general it seems to be a rather easygoing place with a lot of little cafes and bars in the pedestrian area. But you can also see the scars of the recent war everywhere. Many houses are marked with bullet holes.
We will explore the area around Sarajevo in the next few days, which seems very worthwhile.

More soon!

All the best from Bea and Gernot







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26 May 2009 | Bosnia Herzegowina | Last Update 03 December 2010

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