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we arrived in Mostar a few days ago (in fact as I write this, we have already left Bosnia), welcomed at the bus terminal by a crowd of people trying to rent us their private rooms. We picked one of them, and as it turned out, we were lucky. We got a spacious room in a cool flat - cool as in not warm, which is welcome at this point because the average temperatures soar way above 30 degrees. And all for 20 Euro a night. This is quite sensational as the bottom end hotel rooms here would be from 60 Euro upwards. That's the case in all the places in the Balkans so far which is a bit outrageous but then again, you can get a dinner for as little as 10 Euro. Seems a bit out of balance. Anyway, Mostar is worth seeing, simply for the fact that 15 years ago the whole town was in ashes. They have built it again, and the famous bridge stands again.
There is a diving club right next to the bridge, the members of which offer to jump off the bridge if you pay them (into water, no worries).

We drove to the small medieval village of Pocitelj, which is as enchanting as it is small - VERY. 20 houses huddled together at a hillside, small cobblestone streets connecting them, and a medieval castle on the hill overlooking a river with water that is so clear that you can see the bottom from the hilltop. On the way back we stopped at the a place were a river comes out of a mountain and brings with it the best trouts I have ever tasted. It could have been rather romantic if it wasn't for the insects that constantly attacked us.

One more thing we went to see which we were very much looking forward to -  the Kravice waterfalls. We could hear them from quite far and they are just really amazing. Waterfalls about 100 meters wide (in total) and 25 meters high, in other words, qutie big and loud. We just sat there for a few hours and stared. Apart from the ti,e I took a nath in the water there, which was so freezing, it wasn't funny.
Anyway, I hope the picture does them some kind of justice.

Now we are in Montenegro our next stop, but this shall be told another time.

All the best!






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