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Hi All,

it is our last day in Bosnia and it is time for another little story. Bonsia is very beautiful and they are trying hard to get tourism going, that is for sure. After another day in Sarajevo we decided to pay a visit to what may become one of the biggest historical sensationsof our time. This is what happened not long ago in a little village called Visoko, half an hour North of Sarajevo. In 2005 somebody made some drills in a mountain by the town and they discovered some irregularities in the stones so they started to dig around a little and discovered that this mountain (which looks suspiciously like a pyramid) has steps in it and shafts. If you strip off the (quite rich) vegetation, you will get something that resembles a lot a quite big pyramid. They searched around a little more and discovered 2 more of those pyranids (which are in fact mountains with steps built/hewn into them) and also a maze of tunnels that connects the pyramids. Those are the facts. Now, we went there and instead of excavation teams and reporters and likewise people - as I would expect there´d be - there is no one and nothing. Ah well, thats not entirely true. There was a guy with a shop set up in the middle of the wood, drinking beer (at noon, and it was not his first) and selling little pyramids. But apart from that, it was just hot and empty. I am not sure what to make of all this, because if they had really found paramids in Europe, I think there would have been a Major fuzz about it. But I have to admit, there arre 2 mountains that could easily have been shaped into pyramids by human hands. My personal opinion on this is that while I am sure that they discovered something, they don´t really know yet what they have found. Time will tell that. What annoys me a little is that they market it already in the shape of stalls with T-shirts and keyrings with pyramids before anything is proven. Ah well. There is always a crazy tourist making his way there and buying that stuff.

Back in Sarajevo, we didn`t do much more. The only things woth mentioning (or not) is the cafe where we had a drink that day, named Bill Gates Club. This place has nothing to do with computers or anything. The only thing linking it to Mr. Gates is the picture of him there. Whatever that is for.

From Sarajevo, where we stayed another day, we took a bus to Mostar.





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