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Life is tough for some

12 July 2006 | Tanzania | Last Update 12 July 2006 | 0 Comments

After a few days in Moshi after safari, it was time for Jac and Trines to part ways..... for Jac to risk life and limb climbing a mountain, and for Trines to tough it out on the beautiful white sands of Zanzibar for 8 days..... you tell me, who made the better choice! So I boarded a tiny little prop...

Mt Kilimanjaro

30 June 2006 | Tanzania | Last Update 30 June 2006 | 0 Comments

I was sad to wave Trines goodbye as she went off on the bus from the hotel to fly to an exotic island and relax on the beach for a week while I would be where... in minus temperatures freezing my butt off and hiking 100km to stupid heights when I have never been at altitude before and thus far my tr...

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