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Dear friends,

 With great delight I would like to share my experiences sailing on the seas and oceans this world has to offer:


                                “Encounters around the world”

We sat sail for the first time on the 25th February 2006, after two days of inaugural activities with travel agents, press and all kinds of people related to Fred Olsen.


To test out the newly refurbished ship we set sail for the Canary Islands with extension to Madeira, Morocco and Portugal. Like all inaugural sailings we encountered the usual teething problems: problems in the cabins, air conditioning, rough seas (one morning everything that wasn’t tied to the floor went flying, including the grand piano, parts of the restaurants, yes a taste of life at sea). We were put to the test but came out stronger than ever, ready to hit the waves to the Caribbean .

 Five days at sea brought us to the Antilles, the small islands in the Caribbean region, needles to say it was an eye opener, a wonderful encounter to a nice and warm part of the world. Clear skies, blue water, a relaxed atmosphere… you have to love the Caribbean !

 With the crew working more closely every day and two cruises under our belt we went for a further exploration of the Canary Island, Madeira, the Azores before heading for a wine themed cruise to the Iberian Peninsula.

 As a company with his roots in the Scandinavian region, we headed for to celebrate their national day, , and crossed the Kiel Canal to end up in…. !!! Yes, Antwerp, the “city of Diamonds ”was at our feet!! My parents came to visit the ship and headed back home after seeing their little son in action.

 Where next? We followed with an extensive trip to the Mediterranean and had some great ports of call: Cadiz, , a few greek islands, Athens with the Acropolis, a Haman bath in , and of course… ! It goes without saying we visited the great pyramids of Giza and the mysterious sphinx… How did they achieve to build these absolute astonishing monuments? We still don’t know and we can only admire their wonderful craftsmanship.

 We didn’t go straight back, not before we made a stop in Lybia, a country who only recently opened its border to tourists. Interesting to see how they will receive us…? We made our way to a historical site that is known as Leptis Magna . It was a Roman city in the time the Roman Empire was at its greatest and truly amazing it was… the biggest historical Roman site in the world. It just didn’t stop, the entrance of the town with the arch, a market square, some gigantic temples, baths and much more. Wauw what an amazing place it was. Will they achieve in attracting more tourists to see these wonderful remains? I can only hope so. We headed back to Dover after making a stop in Malaga and La Coruña (a wonderful quiet little place in the Galician part of ). With officers born in we had to head for the fjords to go for a thorough exploration… nice sceneries all the way… although the weather wasn’t too great we were still in awe with the wonders of Mother Nature.

 With now already 8 cruises behind us it was time for yet again a longer cruise, 17 nights in the Baltic region with three stops in Finland and Lapland, sailing down the rivers, visiting santa in his home, his trustworthy Rudolph by his side.

 Of course it is inevitable to make stop in St. Petersburg , one of the worlds most famous cities! Thank god we sailors don’t need a special visa to go ashore… a nightly stroll in the streets and night clubs is therefore inevitable…..

 After a few more stops we ended up in Amsterdam … finally the 90 Dutch passengers disembarked and I had a chance to breathe again.

 The final cruise before a nice holiday is in the Mediterranean , again you say? No, this time we went for the western part and stopped in places such as Cartagena, Barcelona, , Portofino (by the Italian Ligurian coast), a day at the beach in Menorca and finally St. Peter’s Port ( Channel Islands ).

 After ten cruises, five months on the ship, receiving hundreds of people from around the world, doing presentations and interviews in every language I know, we arrived back in Dover and headed back to for a taste of our famous beer and chocolate!

Is this where it ends? No, no, next on the menu is further exploration of Norway, the Celtic roots, Canary Islands, the Baltic, the Adriatic and West Africa onboard of the Boudicca.

 In the personal travels there will be a further exploration of the South American continent with a look around the Southern part of Brazil and possibly in 2007 extensive treks to unknown places in Guyana, a magnificent corner of the earth…… keep an eye on those mails to find out all about further

                           “Encounters around the world”









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