First experiences in South America

10 February 2005 | Last Update 25 September 2006

South America!! A continent I been wanting to experience ever since I was a little boy, finally, in 2004 I had the opportunity to go there. The journey was to begin in Lima, Peru.  I prefer myself to indulge in a country or continent and stay for a longer period of time rather then going for a ...

In depth story of travels in Peru

07 February 2005 | Last Update 07 October 2006

For anyone interested in travelling to Peru: Peru is divided in three major zones: - Sierra, the mountains, the Andean part that takes up the biggest part of the country - Costa, tha part by the coast, a very long strech for about two thousand kilometers - Selva, the jungle   Lima Capital of Pe...

National Park Manu

16 January 2005 | Last Update 19 February 2008

The trip to Manu was the most adventurous trip I did so far. The story goes as follows.... I met up with Ronald at Cuzco, the manager of Machete Tours, we got along well from the beginning and I made a trek with one of his guides to Choquequirao, it was an awesome four days in the mountains of Peru,...

General (12)

16 January 2005 | Last Update 03 December 2010

  • In Chachapoyas I met a local guy, we went for a tr
  • Another beautiful view in the Northern part of Per
  • Belgian friends in Huaraz.
  • The beautiful lake of Llanguanuco, again in the No

Santa Cruz Trek (40)

05 January 2005 | Last Update 27 November 2004

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